“It Was Not Too Scary Outside” (Semarang)

Someone once told me, “It was not so scary outside.”

It hit my head, like for real. I kept myself hiding for a long time. Bitching about the world while I have never step outside.

But, there would always be a beginning right? So I called Feb 3, 2019 as the day I was born. Why? It was the time where I convinced myself to step outside.To touch the place you called the earth. To breath some fresh air, and to introduce myself to a sunlight.

Yes, I had been so scared to sunlight, and called myself as a night creature. That’s why I always write about the darkness, twilight, reaper and stuff. (Nah, that’s just a lame excuse, I got no other inspirations).

So, Saturday, Feb 3 2019. I am not a morning person, but I woke up at 7.30 that time. Yes, it is a big deal for me.

I came to office that early, and do my job. Wrote about Royal Family (of course!), then edit some articles and put it on the right schedule.

Time kept moving, fast, so did my heart. Honestly, I was bit scared. Like 20 percent of me, wanted to hit ‘cancel the trip’ button, but my logic said, “YOU CAN NOT REFUND THAT GIRL! DON’T YOU EVEN TRY TO HIT THAT BUTTON, I WILL KILL YOU!” Then I make peace with my heart, no, logic.

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Yeah, Poop is The Secret Key Baby!

Have you ever heard a voice then you become addicted to it? Have you ever seen a pair of eyes then you suddenly drown into it? Have you ever seen a smile then you just wish that you will see it every time you woke up in the morning?

And you are even smiling when you read those sentences. And your mind showed you his face, his smile, his eyes and you could hear his voice, clearly. At this moment you can hear your love song.

A rhyme that makes you remember the first time you met him. An awkward phase where you were afraid to see his eyes, but you were also can’t wait to hold his hand at the same time. The phase where you were confuse whether you should make the first move or it’d better to wait.

Still thinking about him? I guess you are. Remember the first time you hold his hand? You must remember how your heart beat faster. You become sweaty, and panicking because the sweat came on to your palm.

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Fade Irony

I know this night would come. The end of the little star. The last light of the dying heart. And the beginning of tears. A new era for suffering. When “I love you” is replaced by “I am sorry.”

I didn’t close my eyes for a bit. Been seeing you laying beside me, so peaceful. Thinking all the happiness you gave me tonight.

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