But Then There Was You



I was there, on the edge of the bridge
Ready to jump
Forget the life I always hate
Join the dark and walk away from the light

I was beaten by the world
Every face I met, tried to laugh at me
A girl who failed
A loser who didn’t deserve to dream
That’s what they said Continue reading But Then There Was You


Story Untold


Super bold, super cold, and super old
Tik tik tik, tick tock tick tock
Not even a word came out of my mouth
Super bold, and everything could not be untold
Super cold, it freezes my brains out
But also super old
Even a rusty ship shines like a gold Continue reading Story Untold

A Suitcase Full of Sunset

nadhirul maghfiroh sunset

I was in love with the death. Sometimes I sang the rhyme of the last breath, and saying goodbye every morning. That’s why I let the sea and the storm washed away my body. Let it float to the horizon and escape from the ground. I was bleeding and ready for my last breath.

“God, let me rest in the sunset..”  

                I closed my eyes for a while but the wave carried me back to the shore. Whisper my breath and my heart back to life. Continue reading A Suitcase Full of Sunset

I Miss You


I don’t know how to begin
The north wind has been blown
A cold day attacked my heart like a bow
An eclipse covered the land and suppressed it within shadow
I can hear the angels sing the sad gospel
One more soul has been taken
One more melody has been gone
And one more light has been blown

I can’t help but crying Continue reading I Miss You

A Letter From Far Away


People said that ocean has no end, and the horizon is just a shadow. But here I am, on the edge of the shore. Let the wave wash my soul and let the sea wrap my body. Floating away from the land I know, bring me to the unknown. I don’t expect for the sand or a neverland, just the deepest ocean floor and saturated sunset. A freezing cold in the golden light. A place to scream so loud and no one would hear. A peace surrounded by silence, far far away from bulshit. Continue reading A Letter From Far Away