A Letter From Far Away


People said that ocean has no end, and the horizon is just a shadow. But here I am, on the edge of the shore. Let the wave wash my soul and let the sea wrap my body. Floating away from the land I know, bring me to the unknown. I don’t expect for the sand or a neverland, just the deepest ocean floor and saturated sunset. A freezing cold in the golden light. A place to scream so loud and no one would hear. A peace surrounded by silence, far far away from bulshit. Continue reading A Letter From Far Away


Which “God” do you want?

God as an Architect William Blake

Have you ever imagined how your life would be when you open a bag of Lays and it’s full (not just half of bag full + air)? Have you ever imagined how your life would be when you don’t have to deal with every shit people in the world? Have you ever imagined how your life would be if people just mind their own business and not dip their finger in somebody else’s life? Have you ever imagined how your life would be if you are free to do everything you want, without thinking that you would risk anybody’s life or feeling for it? Have you ever imagined any of those?

In some cases people would say those things could happen “if you have gut for it.” But the thing is, this is life and sometimes what other human think about our decision is more important than the decision itself. We are living the world that full of rules and bunch of strings that make us connect to other people, whether we want it or not. Those rules make our life more “organized” and sometimes make it messier too.

Those rules come in every form like religion, morality, culture, humanism, race, gender, knowledge, and a lot of other things (Every kind of rules act like “God” who keeps His eyes for our every move). Continue reading Which “God” do you want?

It Seems Trivial : The Harm of Catcalling


It feels uncomfortable when you were walking in the street and suddenly a stranger whistle at you, or wink, or say dirty words to you. Sometimes it’s just “Hey beautiful,” or “Smile” but believe me that’s not a compliment. That’s what we called a catcalling. Catcalling is one of the form of street harassment, it even led to sexual harassment itself. Continue reading It Seems Trivial : The Harm of Catcalling