Our I,L, and Y


Pure and cold as dew
Tender as sleepy child
But yet buzzing like mosquito

What’s wrong with you?

Standing in the corner and lead your eyes around
You got the control in your right hand
And your heart in the left
A burning sun on to your head
And laughter flow in your blood

What’s wrong with me? Continue reading Our I,L, and Y


It Seems Trivial : The Harm of Catcalling


It feels uncomfortable when you were walking in the street and suddenly a stranger whistle at you, or wink, or say dirty words to you. Sometimes it’s just “Hey beautiful,” or “Smile” but believe me that’s not a compliment. That’s what we called a catcalling. Catcalling is one of the form of street harassment, it even led to sexual harassment itself. Continue reading It Seems Trivial : The Harm of Catcalling

The Last Page


Dear the past, until this page I have been thinking about making an apologize. I know I was really hard to love. I brought a lot of storm and gave just a little glimpse of summer breeze. I understood that the failure is not just because of you, but also mine. You are not strong enough to stay in my storm, and I am not strong enough to stay in yours. We played tough all along, but even the hardest coral could be destroyed by the wave. I am sorry. Continue reading The Last Page

Cerita Yatim Piatu untuk Sang Laut

Orphans 1885 by Thomas Benjamin Kennington 1856-1916

Biarkan aku menyatu bersama laut
Bernyanyi bersama ibunda bumi dan menyingkir sejenak dari kabut
Biarkan aku melupakan daratan dan menjadi yatim piatu tanpa nama
Untuk sejenak saja memikirkan saudaraku yang tak berbalut dosa

Sungguh aku lelah
Ketika darahku terus diburu untuk minuman penguasa bisu
Aku bingung dengan isi kepala mereka
Hanya satu lagu dalam kepala mereka, takhta!
Lalu seribu perang saudara
“Bantai mereka yang tak sama!”
“Dan tetap kuliti siapapun walau tak berbeda!” Continue reading Cerita Yatim Piatu untuk Sang Laut