Here for You


Stand up in the rain, listen every song that you sang for me. Dance with a laugh, run, and stop think about you. I remember when you smoke everywhere, laugh with your friend. Have dialogue about politics. Thing that I don’t like it.

You’re my opposite sir. I don’t know why I don’t like what you like.

You love politics, I don’t. You are smoker, I’m not and never be. You love coldplay music, I try to love it but until now I can’t. You like LA, but I don’t because I don’t like cigarettes from begin. You are fat, I’m thin. You have good confident I don’t.


Maybe our differences make US perfect. And it can be the way of our love.

PS : I wanna laugh. wkwkwkwk. I feel stupid.

But just one thing I wish for our similarity. I wish that we have a feeling (love) to each other. I don’t know when?? But I just know that it can be happen to US. You don’t know me, and of course you don’t know that I have a wish for you. For US.
But I know that God always be here to listen me.

Nice to know you sir, just folback my feeling whenever you want. ^^

DT : Mr. Smoker



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