Good Name

291220121012Jun Hyung moved from USA to Indonesia. He was sixteenth years old. He is a clever student. He always try to can speak Indonesian well. He followed some Indonesian course.

He go to school in SMAN 1 Kepanjen. Mayority of teacher there liked him. Because he is clever, kind, polite, diligent, and friendliness. He tried to remember all of teacher’s name, with his method. Like he remember Mrs. Asri’s name with “Mrs. BEAUTY” because Asri in Indonesian mean beautiful. He always call Mrs. Asri,     Mrs. Beauty.

One morning, he meet a teacher when he wanted to go to canteen. He wanted to call him, but he forgot his name. He tried to remember his name. He was happy because he could remember his teacher’s name.He called that teacher, “Good morning, Mr………………. Breakfast.”

“Ok…” said that teacher.

            He ate in canteen was accompanied with that teacher. He ate in a long time. And that teacher said, “Thank you, I will back first Jun. Good morning..”

“Of course sir.”

            When he will pay his food, he was shock. Because, he must paid more than his food. The seller said, “You’re a good student, son.”


“Don’t shy boy, you have standing treat him.He said that to me. He also said that you have called him and direct to invite him for BREAKFAST!”

“Oh My God…”


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