That Old man

I saw his white hair
I feel his old
I know he’s not as handsome as my friends
But there’s something on the way he look
There’s something great in his eyes
The way he say something make the whole world dissapear and just his voice which exist
When I listen to anything he said it’s not tremble again but no heartbeat, holding breath.
And when he smile that’s like summer.
When he walk that’s make me realize that someone wait him in home, her.
So ashame have friend like me, or daughter like me or student like me.
I’m sorry.
But it’s what I feel, honestly.
But you guys don’t worry.
That old man never feel the way I feel it.
He love them so much.
And he doesn’t love me, and never be.
But I do, he’s anything I want, now.


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