Train 2 – Scar (Part 4)

slideshow_image_california_beach            I love California, I love the warm sun, I love the beach, I love my husband. Hihihi, but where’s he? I didn’t see him when I wake up this morning. Is he leaving me for the beach? Really? If that is the reason he’s so cruel like Snow White’s mother! I will give him poisonous apple than and he will die than I will come as his true love and kiss him so he can live again. Hahaha that’s funny, so what’s the point? Hahaha.

But when I have not finished the Snow White’s story I hear that someone’s in bathroom. I bet he is there, then I can sleep again.

“Ellen! Ellen!” Evan call.


“Help me! I have some trouble,” his voice like he is threatened.

Oh my God, what happened? I’m running to the bathroom and..

“What happened Evan?!”

“Help me Ellen!” he pull me in his arm.

“Oh my God! I’m still sleepy and I don’t like a joke like this Evan,” he turn on the shower and all of my clothes getting wet.

“I bet you will like that,” he start to kiss my neck.


“Where will we go honey?” I’m asking him.

“My library? The place where I was working at,” he smile from the mirror to me when he wear his trouser.

“Oh my God, you wear dress? Gorgeus,” he came close to me and hug me, he start to cuddle.

“I think you should wear your t-shirt Mr. Jefferson,” I interrupt.

“Hhh, I love LA,” he said and turned away to take his t-shirt.

I see his back, and I love that back, but..

“Evan? What is this?” I touch that scar.

“Ah this? I got it at my first time of my job,” he wear his t-shirt.

“Really? Does that books hurt you?” I smile to him.

“Hahaha, I think they didn’t as creepy as you think honey. There were some problems and fighting, and tadaaa..,” he explain that with his beautiful smile

“You were in fought? Oh God, look at it I think it’s deep wound. Look at the scar.”

“Kind of, don’t worry Ellen. It’s okay,” Evan take my hand from his scar.

“Avoid every conflict, okay?” I touch his cheeks.

“Hmm, you say that to me when you always try to looking for conflict?”

I put his hand on my cheek, “Just please don’t be hurt. I don’t wanna see you hurt,” I give him serious eyes.

“Yes, mam. I never like to get closer with conflict, I just like to get closer with you and.. books. I think that’s not to dangerous,” he smile again.

“Depends on what books you closer of, don’t underestimate your little friend,” I said.

“I know it, sugar. So I think that it will be better if you avoid danger or conflict too,” he kiss me.



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