Train 2 – Back To Station (Part 5)


He kiss me when I still on my sleep, he tickle my stomach and whisper on my ears told me to wake up. Oh God but it’s too early to wake up. I try to still hold on my sleep, I don’t wanna hear him.

“Honey come on,” he tickle me again.

“Evan, I want to sleep. It’s too early to wake up.”

He carried me out and bring me to in front of window when I can’t close and open my eyes properly. He want me to wake up and see the sun, he make me sit on him. I hug him because I don’t wanna see the sun.

“Ellen, it’s our honeymoon and you want to fill it with sleep? Really?”

I don’t care about what he said, I’m lazy to open my eyes. We can go anywhere on the other times but now please let me sleep.

“Mrs. Jefferson? Excuse me, I have two circus tickets. I’m confused it’ll work when you just sleeping here,” he show me two circus tickets.

“Circus? Really? How can you have that?”

“I can explain that in the shower, come on.”

“Nooo. I want to sleep. Moreover circus always on the night, it’s not cool when on the morning or afternoon.”

“Oh Godness. How about train? Our place when we met at the first time? Maybe it’s not Illinois but Union station may work too?”

Train? Oh my God. I never go to train station since married, and my man offering me to go to train station in California. It’s not too sweet but I kinda miss that so I will open my eyes and go to bathroom before him so I can be the first one who have shower so I can shout, “Honey come on!” after take a bath, then I have clothes on while he still on the bathroom.

I run to bathroom before Evan realize I had that plan.

“Ellen!!” Evan shout after I run to bathroom.

“Sorry honey, I hate water though and when you’re here now I will spent more time here than when I’m alone. Sorry honey, and FYI I love your plan to go to station. I take a bath for that so you better had breakfast now so you can take a bath after me and I can had breakfast after you. So we won’t wait and wasting time. Okay honey? I love you.”

“I hate you too honey,” he shout.

What? He has a bad style for joking. (-,-) Owh but I have a good style for joking, I think condition let me to get good time for joking with him. There’s just few soap in the bathroom and it’s just enough for me.

“You said hate me hun? I think the soap too, you won’t take a bath with soap because it’s just enough for me,” I whisper on his ears when I finish take a bath.

“Really?” he shocked.

“I hate you too,” I give him a kiss.

I’m ready to laugh when he come out from bathroom, but he smell good. Wait, is that my facial foam smell? What? Did he use my facial foam to take a bath? What?

“Honey? Did you..”

“Yes, I use your facial foam to take a bath,” he give me soooo huge smile like he’s the winner.

“You make me remember someone who love to take a bath with facial foam,” I say to him.

“Who is that?”

“My ex.”

“Ex? Your ex?” He look at me seriously, “You still remember your ex’s habbit? His smell?”



“I’ll have breakfast after that we’d go, I prepare your clothes on the bed,” I kiss his cheek.


God, I want to have another breakfast. I’m boring with that bread, hmm maybe I can eat in the station.

“Come on, you finished your breakfast?” Evan come so fast.

“You finish preparing? Really? That’s so fast.”

“Yeah, come on.” He focusd on his camera.

He walk in front of me and holding his camera, two of his hands. No hand for my hand.

“Evan.” I call him.

“What?” he see me not as always.

“What happened to you?”

“What do you mean? I’ll go to Union state, you wanna go there right? So we’ll go.” He back to his camera and walk.

What the hell’s happening with him? I walk faster and take his hand, he see me and smile, but he still hold his camera on the other hand. It’s okay, at least I get his one hand. But it feel weird when we are in station and he still didn’t speak even one word to me. I leave his hand and I just see him busy with that camera. I didn’t speak to him too, I just see him.

“It’s been an hour. What will we do? I wanna go home though, it’s boring here.” He finally speaking.

What? He wanna go home? What’s wrong with him? Walking from hotel to here, silent, and now he wanna go home?

“Evan, what’s happen?”

“What do you mean?”

“You act weird?”

“Me? Act weird? I don’t think so, I just wanna go back to hotel.” He didn’t care.

“Okay, you can back. I will stay for a while, will come after.”

“Okay.” He leave me. What? He really leaving me here, alone.

I really don’t understand what’s goin on his head. Does he angry to me? So why he did’nt tell me? Why he angry? What’s wrong? He still being nice when I wake up. Does he angry because the soap? Really? He use my facial foam as soap and i don’t angry because of that. Oh my God, who’s feel good when your wife or husband told you’re like his or her ex? Godness! I should back to hotel.

Oh my God! What happened to me? I forget the way to hotel. Okay, I have acrros this building I should not to be here again. I’m asking someone the way to my hotel, she told me the way but I think now I’m far more to hotel because I remember I never cross this way.


I love to be lost but when I have not this kind of problem with my husband on my honeymoon. God, what should I do? I didn’t bring my phone, I never bring my phone when I go out with Evan. I never expect he will leave me like this, it’s my fault, all my fault. And it starts dark and I haven’t back to hotel. And I think I should back to hotel before Evan’s afraid.

“Hi miss? You have good ring,” someone talk to me.

“Yeah, you have good hair too. Oh you’re beautiful.” Said another one.

“You married miss? Mrs?”

“Yes, I am.” I don’t wanna get trouble but I won’t give my ring to them too, it’s my wedding ring.

“So where’s your husband? Or you looking for another ‘pleasure’ behind your husband? Gimme your ring!.”

“No! I’ll give you my wallet but not my ring.” I throw my wallet to them, and I walked away.

“Not as easy as you think Mrs.” He hold my arm.

“Let me go!” I stare at him.

“You stare at me? I don’t scare of that, you think I scare of that? Hahahaha give me your ring and you free to go.” He stare at me back.

“NO!” I try to run from him.

“You can’t run from us Mrs. Beautiful! Hahaha, you’re with us tonight.”

“Hey! Let her go!”

“Evan,” Thank’s God he’s coming like hero.

“You’re her husband? Really? That’s why she better with us!” they laugh.

Evan walk to them and give one of them punch on his face. The other man try to punch Evan back on his chest but fail. He fight like on movies, and I just know it. He can fight? Really? I thank to God to save me, but I stil didn’t believe he’s fighting. Does he? And now that two man runaway from him.

I look at him with my confuse face and he hug me.

“ You okay?”

“Yeah, emm but not at all. But it’s okay, you’re here,” I try to smile at him.

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t do that,” he hug me tight.

“Thank you, you safe me. Please don’t say sorry that’s my false and I didn’t realize that. I shouldn’t say that you are like my ex. Because you’re not, you’re more more better than him. You’re the best. I’m sorry.”

He smile at me, “I know, and I little childish. I know you didn’t mean to compare me with him, I was jealous too much. I’m sorry.”

“Yeah, okay. We didn’t do it anymore okay? And you’ll told me when I’m wrong okay?”

“Okay. You too, right?”

“Yeah. I love you.”

“I love you too.” He kiss my forehead.

“We should go back to hotel though before we both forget the way,” I try to joking and breaking the situation.

“Yeah. Haha I will hold you, come on.”

“No, I can walk by myself honey.”

“No, come on. I can’t forgive myself to make you walk so far away twice for one day. Come on honey.”

“Okay, but told me when you’re tired okay?”

“Okay,” he hold me on his back and we go back to hotel.

“So how can you lost the way?”

I explain to him that I can’t remember the way right when I’m panic and has problem. And I make some joking of that so he will not feel more regret about this. I ask him about how can he fight then he told me that he had some exercise about self defense arts.

“Oh my God, I just know that. So you like to fight? Are you some of gangster’s member?”

“Haha, no I’m not. I just feel important to have some methode to save myself and my girl on the future, you.”

“Emmm, that’s sweet.” I kiss his cheek.

“You tired honey? I can walk by myself.” I wipe his sweat on his forehead.

“No, please don’t. It’s okay for me.” He turned his head try to look at me.

“Please, I wanna walk by myself. I can’t forgive my self when you’re too tired because of me. You can hold my hand when I walk, that’s enough.” I see his eyes. I really don’t want that afternoon incident happened again, I don’t like when he walk without hold my hand.

He hug me soooo tight, “I’m sorry, I love you Ellen, I’m sorry.”

“I love you too.” I kiss his cheek, “So what’s your secret that you haven’t told me yet?”

“Emmm.. okay.”

He hold me and joking everytime on the way to hotel. God, I love him.


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