Let Me Be Selfish Evan

Your eyes like stars that make me wanna see them all day long.
I hear your breath and never feel bored about that.
And I love to put my ears on your chest to feel your heartbeat while you hug me like milky way.
Tears never felt hurt anymore while your soft finger wipe it.
Your giggle, God I wanna save that on my phone and play it all the time.
Waiting for you is nothing when your smile come to my lips.
Even our fight look like adorable after you end it with ‘I love you, I don’t know why we should do this fight.’
then you will try to kiss me but I stare at you, being serious. Your confuse eyes, God I will laugh, and the end of the fight always be hugging your warm body.
I’m addicted to your love.
It’s like my day is nothing without you. You fill my day.
I’m laughing cause your riddle speak, feel warm on your hug, talk job, task, and anything with your wise choice, walking with your hand on my hand, just can sleep after you kiss my forehead.
Always feel happy when I wake and realize you see me sleeping for 30 minutes before I wake up, crying when you’re not here, and crying when you have ill. Seeing you hurt, just can lying on bed, and close your eyes are the scariest thing.
I don’t know what to do without you. I hate when I hear someone talk about lying on bed and sleep forever. They would be asshole or bithces for me although you just had flu.
Oh God I’m crying now, I hate to have that imagination. I told you that I don’t wanna live without you honey.
I’ll be selfish, bitchy, and sooo annoying. I don’t care! I will say that you must stay with me, and about die? We will die together, if you are dead, so I am. But if I am dead, you don’t have to be dead too because I can still see you from anywhere God keep me after dead. Oh God! I’m lying! You must be dead too, I don’t wanna see you move on and loving another woman! BIG NO!
Tell me that I’m selfish. I don’t care. I love you Evan Jefferson. I love you so much.



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