Evan Jefferson’s Letter


Washington Post is the great newspaper I ever know. No, if you think it’s because of their credibility or quality. For me, Washington Post is my life, my love, and of course the way I win my wife’s heart, Eleanor Holmes. This newspaper is everything, when I miss her I will read her news and I can see her face right in front of me. I know it’s just imagination, but you know it happen to everyone who love each other.

Eleanor Holmes, a girl, a woman, my lovely part of my breath. She don’t like to wear makeup, always says “I’ll be late, and I’m running for my news and you know the sun hate makeup.” When she want to get something, she won’t stop ‘running’ until she got it. I remember when she investigate about politics competition last year, the stubborn girl going down after the investigation’s end. She won’t stop, and when I say, “Honey, it’s midnight. Time to sleep.” And she will answer, “Gimme 15 minutes.” 15 minutes? He came to my bed after 90 minutes and it means I should call her more than 3 times.

Today is Valentine day. And that stubborn lovely girl is not here. She said to me that she never celebrate Valentine. Why? She said, “Why should I?” yeah, and the conversation’s end. She love so much, and for her, everyday is lovely day when I’m with her. And yes, she always make me says “Wow, it’s new. Godness!” like this morning, there is a box of Ferrero Rocher’s Chocolate on my table. It’s my favorite chocolate, and my lovely wife sent it to me while she discover some facts in Gaza. I was laughing when I found this, not about the chocolate but the notes.

Honey, you like Ferrero Rocher. This is Ferrero Rocher. 😛 If you think it’s for Vday, you’re totally wrong. You know that it’s impossible for me to sent it from Palestine to Illinois in one day. So I sent it before Feb 14th, so it’s not for Vday. I sent it because I want you to keep it until I came, so we can eat this lovely chocolate together. But I allow you to eat maybe one or two chocolate. I love you. I know you miss me, I miss you too. :*




Eleanor Holmes you make me laugh so hard. How can you sent Ferrero Rocher to me and want me to keep it until you home? I will keep the box for you, and my stomach will keep the chocolate. She always can make my day.

Eleanor Holmes, no. Eleanor Holmes Jefferson, you’re my lovely wife. I love you more than I love myself. When I took a vow to make you happy and take care of you forever, I know my life would change. And I can see more light and more colors with you. You’re my only one little star in my dark sky. Your giggle make me forget about the pain of my day. Your hug make me believe my life’s worth for everything I do. I’m sorry for being bad guy and make you cry sometimes. But you must know that I’m still your man who always be here for you, for wipe your eyes while you cry because of me.

Honey, I hope you’re alright there. I’m happy you can reach your dream, for being war journalist but I’m afraid too. I’m afraid about your conditions there, I don’t wanna say anything bad. God always bless you and take care of you when we are away.

Ellen, I miss you so much. When I was going home hours ago, I saw a couple holding hand, giggling, and kissing in the train. And you know what? I remember you, when you sit on the Train before we married. You, with your headset and your beautiful eyes. When you smile to me at first time we met (maybe you will think it’s just bullshit but it’s true), it cheer me up. That’s my first day in Illinois and I hate to leave California. But your smile gimme reason to wake up every morning and walk to station with my happy face. No, I don’t say that I fall in love with you at the first time we met. It’s just the beginning. I fall in love with you after see your eyes and beautiful smile everyday. And when I can’t see you again (When you went o Brazil), I was afraid if you’re moving from Illinois. The rest, you know how.

You’re lovely honey, but you’re the only girl who make me think “What should I do? what kind of topics she like to talk? She is journalist, great! But what should I do?” and until the time I propose to marry you I never talk with you. Why? Because I don’t know how to start conversation with you Honey. And I know you’re though girl so maybe you will hate a man who have big mouth. So I just talk to you from my smile, with holding your hand, see your eyes, and hug you. And Thanks God, the one who make my mouth shut know that I love her and she love me too. And now, I marry her! She is my wife! How great is my life.

Ellen, I don’t know how to show my love to you. But I love you, truly love you, and I know you know it. I’m not sweet romantic guy, but I love you, and it’s not bullshit. I love you Eleanor Holmes Jefferson, come home safely honey, I miss you so much. God bless you there. And maybe you’ll laugh when I said this, “Happy Valentine my lovely wife. Have a good day and write great news for me. I love you.”


-Evan Jefferson-


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