I don’t Know


I taste the bitter of night, covered by the dark, blinded by sadness.
Everything fly and hit my stupid head, the star? It still blink at me and that’s too far away.The shadow whisper that I’m a loser, throw up the gold to buy shit.
My eyes can’t see the sun anymore, my voice just gone away 3 minutes after I lost my foot steps.
I’m on the middle of nowhere rejected by everything I touch.
That’s like I broke everything, I failed my self, I make the world crying, I shut the song up, I remove the color of beautiful painting.

Breathless, hopeless, and I always hope to be lifeless.
I’m crying out loud, screaming for help.
But I get nothing, I’m alone.
Running with the wound I keep, don’t care about living anymore.
My mind try to get rid of the fog.
Back to the heaven I build long time ago.

Sometimes I think it may would better if I kill my present and live the future
Get the new life, being illegal in other land.
Forget about what i have here, forget about the wound, the darkness, the hopeless. and the cry.
The bird is not bird in this land.
I just have the name, just the name, without function.
You can call me nothing.

I don’t know, my heart said that I will leave my body soon if I still breath here.But I’m wounded, I haven’t my wings.
I’m blind, I’m deaf, and I’m pathetic.

I need my wings back, please get me out of this land.

I don’t care whoever you’re, wherever you will bring me.
Just get me out of this land.


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Hi, I'm me. Who am I? Read me. :P

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