Christoper Paolini Reply My Tweet

Paolini reply my tweet

I become his fans since high school, since the first time i read the first chapter of his book, Eragon. He makes me so speechless with the world he made. His world is the world where I always dreams for living. The adventure he created give me inspiration to looking for my own ‘dragon.’ Christoper Paolini’s work is just perfect in my eyes. And I open my twitter account this night and found that he reply mt tweet. God!!! it’s like. Oh my God! I don’t know what to say, I just can say “Oh My God! He’s my favorite writer, and he reply my tweet. I’m talking with him! Oh my God! It can’t be real! I don’t believe what I see!!”

But thank you so much Mr. Paolini, you make me love you more and more. You’re such a great man. I love you so much, I love Eragon, I love Saphira, Brom, I love Roran, Katrina, Islanzadi, Arya, Orik, and all of the characters you made, even Ra’zac and Galbatorix. I can’t wait for the next adventure, for another great world you will make. 🙂


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