The Wind, Ant, Bee, and Lion


Me :Hi ant, hi bee, hi lion.
May I know you? Tell me your story, the whole story of your life.
Ant : Hi, we are ants. The tiny tiny creature. And you know we always have big families.
We do all the thing together. Never walk alone outside. Because when we are alone, that’s a code ‘It’s time to death!’ We love our families. They are our life. And we hate being alone. I think, that’s my whole story. How about you bee?

Bee : Mmmm, Hi. we are bees. We coordinate everything we do. We are genius tiny creature. We know what should we do with our life. A queen, worker, and so many others. We are doing that all the time, and we never fell bored. We do something genius about architecture, and manage something. We always together too, but not as cute as ants. So that’s my whole story. Tell us your story lion?

Lion : Hi, we are lions. You guys call us as kings. Are we? Sometimes we don’t know. We know that we are strong, and beast. We know where should we go. We know where we have to belong. But sometimes we need to walk along with you guys. Don’t be scare of us. Okay. That’s it. How about you?

Me : Me?? Hmm.. I’m just the wind. You can’t see me. You can’t hear me. You can just feel me. I’m nothing. Don’t care about me.

Ant, bee, lion : noooo. Come on tell your story.

Me : Okay. Hmm. Hi I’m the wind. I’m not a creature like you guys. Can be seen and someone can listen about your existence. But me? Hmm like i said before. I’m invisible, you can’t see me, you can’t hear me. I never stop at one place. So I don’t have friends, I don’t have family, I’m alone. But I never regret about who i am? What i can do. I can make people feel about my existence. They said the world without me is the world they never want to live. I know that you can’t see me, ever. You can’t hear me when i’m being a nice wind. I will scream to you when i’m angry. You will hear me when i’m mad. That’s why i love to be felt more than hear. Sometimes i’m a cold creature, but sometimes i can be the warm one. Depends who you are. But sometimes i hear that you blame me about cold? you blame me about warm? What should I do? You know sometimes that something invisible is something complicated.

to be continued..


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