That Lion


Oh HI! I’m on the GOOD MOOD to write something. So I have a story about a Lion. Yeah a lion. What do you think when I said “Lion” ? Greatness? Strong? What else? Smart? What else? Dominance? Top of Food chain? Yeah. Absolutely right. So do you adore that Lion? Maybe. You said :

“I love that Lion, he gave me everything I need and I want. He gave me bunch of stars when the other give me flowers.”

Hah! Do you realize that “Stars” he gave to you is a shadow? Fog? To make you blind, suffer. You’re blind now, deaf. Do you even realize that?

“No, he’s not make me blind and deaf. I can see him in the lights out. And I can hear him in the silence.”

Oh see? You can’t hear me. Your brain just a mess now. That Lion eat your brain slowly. Where is your rationality? I don’t know you anymore. You were a human who never leave their rationality. And you call emotions as human error and you proud by the way you thinking. But you just throw your pride like that for The Lion? You’re kidding!

“He’s not that bad.”

HE’S SOOO BAD! He took your brain off, shut your rationality off! What more can be worse? You belong to a guy who appreciate you, appreciate your brain, appreciate the way you thinking. The Lion just see you as a pretty girl, he just see your face!

“No, he’s not! He know I’m not ‘Princess’ girl.”

Oh Please, I know he know that. But he never think about that right? That doesn’t matter for him. Your face. Just that! No more.

“I know.”

Oh really? So you’ll leave him?


Why? You are kidding.

“I’m not kidding mate.”

So? after you know all of this. You will just stay? And fooled?

“No. Remember? Maybe I’m not the top of food chain. But I can be one. Oh, I may be on the side of the angels, but don’t think for one second that I am one of them. That’s why God made me, and call me SNAKE. I still have brain on my tiny tiny head, I put my rationality as long as my body. I have poison, so don’t you ever think that The Lion can bite me before I do. I’m playing with him right now, as fun as he think he can play me.”


Oh that’s soooo goood!


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11 thoughts on “That Lion”

  1. And then, there is a rat.
    Ngutip Niki Lauda dalam film Rush (2013), “Rats are ugly, sure, and nobody likes them, but they’re very intelligent and they have a strong survival instinct.”~

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