Fall in love. I smile when I type this. Remember his cute smile when looking at his handwriting. The night is one of his favorite time. He love a beautiful little light in the center of darkness, like a candle. His smile is one thing that make my heart racing. Oh God, I always can’t say anything when he’s smiling.

His embrace? I can stay forever in his arms. 

He’s just an ordinary man not an angel. He’s not as handsome as Adam Levine. He’s not as sexy as Hugh Jackman. He’s not as brilliant as Albert Einstein. He hasn’t a sexy accent like Benedict Cumberbatch. But he’s the one who caught my heart with a simple thing he does. He love his life. He live his life. He gave me something that I never get from a boy who said that they love me. He gave me something that’s just my father have done it for me.

What is that?

Nah, I won’t tell. 🙂

He gave me a little ‘star’ when others gave me flowers. He told me about middle earth when others told me about Bali, Raja Ampat, and the real place. He gave me dragon when others gave me cars.

He is the one who make me look like stupid. He understand every word I said. Dominance.

Whoever are you, whatever you have done to me, I’ll let you live in my mind. You know? I don’t care if you found that someday while you can see my eyes.


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Hi, I'm me. Who am I? Read me. :P

6 thoughts on “:)”

      1. Aku mah apa atuhhh, “But he’s the one who
        caught my heart with a simple thing he does.”
        Maaf ya Mbak Firo yang cantik, aku malah komentar gak penting di sini. Habisnya kamu nulis beginian, hatikukan jadi remuk.

    1. Mbak Firo kamu kok jadi melow sihh. Kamu sehatkan? mbak firo harus kuattt.

      btw, kata Fitri nih temamu kok kayak Koreanindo. Fitri tanya, “kamu admin Koreanindo ya? Ngaku dong.”

      1. @mbak titis: aku kuaat kok, setelah medcris selesai semua jadi indah dan sehat.

        @epit : wkwkwk. Lho aku guduk admin e , aku owner e. Aku wes mendirikan perusahaan koreanindo seng multinasional terus dianalisis atek teori spasialisasi. hehehe

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