pc5o5pbxiIt’s midnight.
I can’t close my eyes.
I feel the cold air.
I open the window and a little light blink at me.
Smile at them and time told me about his little smile.

Almost full of the sun when I took a walk on that silent road.
Just one of millions.
Standing alone, sometimes laughing with friends.
I tried to join that laugh when he started to give me that little smile.

He gave me more minutes, more laugh, and more hope.
Night after night on the same road, I forgot the time just to saw him.
When the dawn is coming he is still running on my mind although he’s not on my eyes anymore.

He gave me a thought of forest.
Details of the waterfall, river, and every little creature he saw there.
He knew how to talk with fire, how to dance with water, how to sing with the wind.
But sometimes he just went to nowhere, make a deal with the wind and became invisible. Gone.

And the dark sky whisper his name to me.
That’s like he took all of the air from my lung.
Choked by all the thought of missing him.

And that day was come.
The day when he walk to that road again.
With that little smile and all of his greatness.

He look at me deeply, and hug me.
Hug me tight and kiss my cheek.
Told me about every beautiful scene he saw earlier.
He whisper on my ears.
That words, stroke me out.
His eyes smile on me.
But I still busy with my mind, try to believe what I heard before.
That little smile woke me up.
I try to say a word.
But he should fly again until..
I don’t know.


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