Fall in Love


What do you think when you read the title? Smile? Cry? Upset? Laugh? Or just ‘flat’? Yeah there are so many emotions that follow ‘fall in love.’ And as a girl who love to read Sherlock Holmes (a novel), watch Sherlock’s TV Show and the movies. I began to see that love is a ‘dangerous disadvantage.’ I know Sherlock Holmes is not real, he is just an art, he’s a fictional character, but the way he think of the world including the way he think about love is not false.

I found that Sherlock on the books, TV Shows, and movies has different character. That’s because the one who made the books, movies, and TV shows is different persons. How’s Doyle write Sherlock on first place (in book) is not as ‘anti love’ as the TV shows (Sherlock, played by Benedict Cumberbatch, Steven Moffat’s Work). Sherlock is attracted by a woman named Irene Adler, she is the one who can put a lie on Sherlock. But the way he attracted to her written by Doyle not as ‘so fall in love’ like Guy Ritchie’s work (Sherlock Holmes Movies 2009 and 2011). The conclusion is Sherlock is written to be the one who not involve by the emotions called love.

I believe there are reasons why they made Sherlock as that kind of man. Sherlock made for a perfect picture of detective. And love is somekind of thing that made a perfect brain not perfect anymore.

Sometimes people more curious about someone’s domestic party rather than the case or the way he/she thinks or the way he solved the case (the real content). So many fans of Sherlock TV Show are curious or want the story about Sherlock and Molly Hooper, John Watson’s new family, and sometimes that come so annoying when they ask “Is Sherlock Gay? And fall in love with John Watson?” (I hate Gay, LGBTQ, but I’m not sorry). For me how Sherlock solve the crime is more attracting than how he end up with kissing Molly Hooper or marry Irene Adler.

Being attracted to someone is not good because when you attracted to someone you ‘make time’ to think about them. Sometimes you forget about your purpose of doing something and you just think about them. And when that happen to you, you won’t do your work as best as you can. Because your mind is distracted, you can’t be focus. And the worst ‘scene’ is when you dump your brain because your heart, when you think rationality is no longer important. After that you’ll do everything for the one you love like dump your dream, buy something generous for ‘your love’ while you eat just once a week, lie to your boss because you want to spent time with ‘your love,’ crying when you see him/her with the one you suspect as his/her new partner, get jealous and angry when he/she didn’t pick up your call, and many things more.

For me, fall in love is kind of stupid thing. Why? Because I become more stupid when I fall in love than when I don’t. I want to be a genius like Sherlock Holmes (that’s why I write a character named Eleanor Holmes, I want her to be as genius as Sherlock but I know to make that kind of character I should be genius too while I’m not as genius as Doyle). I remember I’m so stupid when I fall in love. I gave up my dream for thinking ‘I want to marry him, I want to marry him,’ ; I never study just to text with him and make him happy ; I cried when I can’t see him around ; I was jealous and angry when I know he was with another girl whereas she is his friend ; I cry when I listen to a sad song because the one who used to be my crush not text me again ; Oh God, I’m sooo dumb!

And like 1 or 2 months ago I felt in love with someone who whatever. And yeah, I dumped my brain for him. He did a little thing that maybe he never knew he was doing. Before he did that ‘thing’ for me, I was just know him, yeah he is attractive and smart, but that’s it, just it. After that night, oh my God I don’t know what happened to me, to my heart when he texted me (just a simple text). My heart was racing like crazy, I’m blushing when read his regular text, and I was crazy about him. Thank God, at that time I have finished my big event so that feeling was not bothering the way I work for event. At that time I began my journey as a dumbass, I start to read love novel which the genre I didn’t like to read before, imagine everything about him, getting so excited when he told me that he like the way I do something, but sometimes I don’t like something he done too, like when he told me that I’m pretty. I don’t like someone said that to me, because I thought the perfect feeling is attracted by ‘brain’ or the way we think not just physical appearance. But I was still crazy about him, it was like he is my everything.

But I know, it was wrong. I forget all of my study, that’s wrong, and I began to think that I should stop. I should back to think about my dreams, I can’t be that kind of girl anymore. I want something perfect, my career, my perfect career. I want to be genius (while I’m not genius yet) like Sherlock Holmes. He dedicate his life for science, for his passion, and he is happy. What more I look for? Love? No. As long as I can make my dreams come true I can be happy, and I can’t be more happy. I believe that when I give up my dream just for fall in love, I will regret that someday.

I know when I fall in love look like I don’t believe on my own happiness. I just care about the person I love. I see him like the world see the man. The man who own everything, they have power to lead a woman while woman is just the victim, the followers. I don’t want to be that kind of woman, I hate when woman just want to follow her man, I’m sad when woman believe that man is made to become their leader. Woman can lead herself, woman can lead others including man. You guys don’t need to be a man to become the leader. And please, when you fall in love that’s not mean you should give everything you have for your man. You deserve to make your dream comes true, you have your own choice for your life, you don’t need to please your man and burn what you want, please yourself, give a gift for yourself, appreciate your art, and love yourself more than you love your man. Because your own self would never dump you, your own self would never rip off your dream, your own self will with you until the end. Believe it.


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7 thoughts on “Fall in Love”

  1. Menginspirasi sekali kak, aku juga sama lagi kayak kakak. Sedang sinting, dimabuk oleh hal apapun dari dia. Haha aku curhat 😂

  2. Haha iya bener banget, berawal dari iseng eh malah jadi gini duh haha 😂. Kasih saran dong kak, gimana caranya ngelupain dia plis kak susah banget aku mau ngelupain dia teh haha 😂 maaf kak jadi curhaaat wqwq😂

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