His Name


I once knew a girl who fall in love with a boy.
She always smiles when she saw his face.
She always waits for every chance to see him.
Trembles all the time she talks to him.
She talks to the night with her smile while her mind full of his name.

After months she start to miss him.
She start to feel she’s alone.
The boy never saw her love.
She start to cry on midnight’s hug.
And wake up on depressed foggy morning.
Still with her mind which full of his name.

She try to open her mind and think that they didn’t belong to each other.
She packed all of her memories and move to town.
Leave her tears, sadness, and her feeling to him.
And she burn her own mind which full of his name.

That’s easier for her to forget him when they never met.
She start to write on night sky.
The story about a boy who never love her.

She read the story loudly.
The stars, the moon, and venus come to listen to the story.
That happens all the time she reads the story.
They become friends.
The girl never feel alone again.
She feel what laugh is again.

A decade after they become friends she start to write story about the starts, moon, and venus as a gift for their friendship.
But when she write the first word she saw him again.
And again, she starts to feel all of the feeling she had been through.
She start to forget laugh.
She start to realize that she still in love with that guy.
And the first word for stars, venus, and moon is not for them anymore.
The first word and the rest are for him, again.

She read that, loudly.
Again, with her mind that full of him, and a question “Does he hear me?”


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