My Journey (Day 1 : Minutes After Arrived)


Hi again, it’s me again. Hmm, I’m tired I just finished cleaning my new room. New room? Yeah, I move out form my house, with Mr. Adam Levine. Hahaha. Nah, it’s joking. I’m in Surabaya now, I will do internship 3 days later. I’m so excited about that, but sometimes I am afraid, what should I do when I make a mistake? Hmm, but that’s how I learn to be better. Hmm, I’m homesick, already (after an hour arrived. haha), so I decided to write this down. So I’ll forget this feeling.

Okay, I’ll do my internship in Antara Jatim News Office. This is a public mass media institution for local news of East Java (the site : I have 3 days free before I do my duty. Haha. So what should I do? I have a plan to looking for where I can buy delicious, clean, and cheap food haha ; and I’ll look for the place where I can printed my report or something I should print because I didn’t bring my own printer ; then sleep ; read Sherlock Holmes nor Casual Vacancy ; and of course daydreaming or writing something, this journey maybe. Hehe. Oh yeah, and my final paper God, and my internship report.

Oh yeah, I have a bad and good news too. There is my weakness in front of Antara’s office, Gramedia Bookstore!. Oh my God, what should I do! What if there is LOTR Boxset?! What if I found the good novels there?! What if, Hiks.  But that’s okay, I’ll be a wise woman. Hmm..

Before I write my first day I arrived here, I’ll give you the picture of beautiful moon I took last night and this morning. That’s such a beautiful moon, sorry for bad camera. Hehe. The picture of the moon on the morning sky is the last picture I took from Kepanjen (my homeland) before I leave.

It was sooo beautiful, but my camera ruin it. The last night in Kepanjen. 🙂


The moon again, I took this on the morning before I leave Kepanjen. And minutes after woke up. Sorry for the camera again, I should have a camera which have ability like my eyes. Good bye Kepanjen, see you next month :*

An this is my new room yay! Just 5 or 10 minutes after my folks leave. Look like a mess, I know! I haven’t cleaned it tho.

The door, welcome 🙂 But sorry, no man can enter this room. Why? Because there is a retina scanner to open this door. And just my retina that can open the room. Haha. No, I’m kidding. That’s the rule, no man enter this room because this is girl’s flat. Sorry to Adam Levine. 😛


Messy room 😛


Messy face, Hi 😛


View from the windows. I got two big windows, which is good because it’s so hot in this city. 🙂

It’s time to open the suitcase. Hihihi. Yeah, I bring so many things, my own bedsheet, books, novels (Sherlock and Casual Vacancy, sorry I can’t pick one of them so I bring it all. hihi), and the rest are domestic’s things haha.


You can find anything there, it’s a magic box 🙂

I clean up this room and make it like my own room in house or my flat old room. Hehe. Tadaaa….


This is my favorite bedsheet, strawberry 😛


Hi all of you, I hope you’ll feel safe. I put The Avengers and Sherlock Holmes around you 😛


Makeup? hehe, I’m not sure.


For a Month 😛


Hey Violet what are you doing there? (Violet : I’m the manager here firoh! ) haha.


My cupboard 😛


My room after cleaned by me 🙂


Hah?! It’s me again. hahaha. After cleaning the room. Excuse my face hahaha


Ready to sleep after taking a bath 😀

I thought that’s it. The first day of my journey. I hope I’ll get the best and be better person after this (Fir, you’re not going to prison after murder someone -,-). Hehe. Bye bye, see you on next post. 😛


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