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(from left) Fandhy, Mr. Slamet, Me and Mr. Icang on the last day of Internship  (Photographed by : Mr. Rifai)

Hi again guys. It’s been a long time since I write the first day of my journey. Haha. I thought I will get bored and write the journey everyday. But that’s wrong! I enjoy my August and September. I love my internship days until I forget to write every single day I’ve been trough.
Okay, I should tell you guys that Antara is the greatest place to get internship. They will treat you like a family, like their own child and brothers or sisters. They never treat you like some interns student who just can carry the tissues, or buy food for you, or just make you sit all the time. When I’m there as an interns, they gave me trust to cover some news. I’m a slow learner so I need like two weeks until my first news showed. Hehe.
At the first time I realize that I should cover some news, I get an anxiety like “Oh my God, what should I do? I don’t know this area?” But thanks God, Mr. Slamet gave me a recommendation to follow Mr. Edy the day after.
The first day I follow Mr. Edy, I was so happy. He’s like a father to me. He introduce me to every journalists we met. He told me about every road we passed, about his experiences, what should I do about the news, and so many things more.
After I finished that day, I get my anxiety again. “What should I cover for tomorrow?” that phrase haunt me again. But thanks God again, God gave me another help. I met Mr. Arfani (haha) and follow him until the end of my internship day.

IMG-20150813-WA0002My first photo that showed on

He’s such a great man, he always pick me up from office because I don’t know the way to go to the event/place (thank you sir). Like Mr. Edy he introduces me to every journalists I met. And God, I can sit on a Grahadi’s Pressroom (what a honor! I always dream to get internship in Istana Negara, but this internship is the best internship ever!) I met every great, funny, kind, friendly person there, know how journalists lifestyle is and enter the world I just can imagine before.

IMG-20150818-WA0007Hey, thats me! Cool right ? hahaha. I took a picture of Mr. Pangdam (Photographed by : Mr. Arfani)

I love my internship days. Why? Because I can met so many great persons, like governor, vice governor, Pangdam, athletes, city mayor, and many more. I can sit beside them like friends (oh my God) while I just can watch them from TV before.


Vice Governor (wear black),  journalists, and me (Photographed by : Mr. Arfani)

And I will never forget that I have a honor to cover Independence’s day ceremony in Grahadi (Thanks to Mr. Arfani *bow*). Oh my God! I get the press id, and when I showed that to my friend the day before she’s like freaking out! Hahaha. She want to has it too 😛


Press Id with my name on it (aww.. ). I’m ready to cover some news on Independence day’s ceremony. Yeaha!


(from left) Mr. Antok (beritajatim’s journalist), Me, Mr. Arfani (Antara’s Journalist), Mr. Edwin (Tempo’s Journalist) after Independence day ceremony in Grahadi, Surabaya (Photographed by : Mr. Hanif )


Mr. Governor and me (oh my God!) after Independence day ceremony in Grahadi, Surabaya (I don’t know it whether Photographed by : Mr. Arfani or Mr. Hanif, sorry hehe)

berita 1

My first news that showed on, oh my God. That’s my name. *I’m thrilled!”

How lucky I am? Hmm.. I’m so happy, I miss everyday I’ve been through there. I miss Antara’s family. Thank you so much. Especially thanks to Mr. Slamet Hadi Purnomo, Mr. Edy Yakub, Mr. Fiqih Arfani, Mr. Munir, Mr. Rudi, Mr. Sony, Mr. Chandra, Mr. Malik, Mr. Hakim, Mr. Zabur, Mr. Icang, Mr. Rifai, Mr. Taufiq, Mr. Muin, Miss Laily, Mr. Pak Ni, Mrs. Siti, and all of Antara’s family, all of Grahadi’s family, and every journalists I met. Thank you thank you soo much. 🙂 And my dear friends Anis, Inang, Fandhy, and Andhy. Thank you guys 🙂



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