Eid Ul Adha


Guess what is that???? 🙂 One of “Have fun” moment on Eid 🙂

Do you read the title? Hehe, I borrow that from someone’s status. Who is that? Haha. That’s for me to know, and for you to find out 😛 Okay leave it.

Today is a big day for moslem, Eid Ul Adha. I don’t want to tell about the meaning, how’s Quran tell about this big day, or the opinion of Islamic leaders about this, or so on. I just want to tell about my story on this big day.

Well, it began on yesterday. I stay out to late, got nothing in my brain (Taylor swift-Shake it off). Haha. yeah, yesterday I’m not sleeping until 04.25 am. And at 08.09 am someone came to my house with a goat. Mbee.. haha. At that time, I was sleeping and my neighbor help them to put the goat in to a certain place, under the tree.

When I woke up, I saw the goat with my messy hair, face, and clothes. I was staring at the goat, and thinking (I didn’t remember what I thought). The goat was like freak out when saw me on that condition (was I that bad? Hmm.. hahaha). But that’s okay, I’m more beautiful than the goat. 😛

Enough about yesterday, haha. This morning after Shalat has done, one more goat was coming. Well, double mbee.. Then I won’t talk anymore, I took some pictures today, so maybe the picture can say more than words. There are bloods, so if you’re animal lovers, or feel disgust with blood you should stop to scroll down.

Mbee 1

Meet the first mbee, a day before Eid

Mbee 2

They love mbee 🙂


Two mbee and so many kids and happiness. Yay!

Photo0397We help each others, together we will be happy


When they become artists, look at the fans! hahaha


Stomach, wow!


And the skeleton will tell you the story, lalalala


Weww, so many meat


A heart on my hand, whoops


A liver!


Guess what is it?! Hahahaa


Heavy yay.. Sorry for not helping and just take a picture 🙂


Clean the hmm.. 🙂


They love to see all of the processing 🙂


My dad in action, hahaha!


Meanwhile, I ask my cousin to blew the goat’s pulmonary. It always be my favorite thing to see, haha. Call it having fun, yay!


Wow, great color! Hey smokers, look at this goat’s pulmonary. The goat is not a smoker so it has good pulmonary, it’s like your pulmonary when you did not smoke.


Beautiful, like flowers!


The (second) heart on my hand haha. Still attached on pulmonary. Beautiful!


They love it!


Chop chop 🙂


My cousin chop the meat right in front of my room, yes, right in front of my room. Hahaha


Divide equally, haha


Mom in action, chop the ‘towel’ mom. 😛


He burn the head, so we can cook that 🙂


I try to burn the second one, weww..

After all of the processing, they share the meats to all of resident here. Wew, so that’s all! That was my great great great day on Eid. Tiring but happy, fun, full of laugh, and I love this. I hope I share the happiness for you too. Can’t wait for the next Eid Ul Adha. 🙂 How’s your eid? :))


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