The Box



Hi moon, I want to talk with you. I met a girl today. She looks so happy with a great smile. When I ask ‘Why?’ she shows me a box. A beautiful little box. She said that is a magic box that always makes her smile. But not everyday, she said she should wait. And she always wait for seconds, hours, days, weeks, months, and yeah finally the box makes her smile again. She knows that she could be hurt by that, the waiting. Because when she waits, she never care about other magic. She just keeps her eyes on the box.

She loves that box. Why? The girl loves the box because a little thing. A little thing called love. Yeah, she loves the box because she just loves it. At the first time she get the box, she doesn’t feel that way, but someday the box tell her something worth, something that makes her heart tremble, something that not anyone else has ever tell her, a gift, the great gift, a sound of God. The box give her a sound of God.

At that time, she knew that the box is ‘the precious’. Then that’s all the waiting began. Sometimes she feels desperate and sad, even cry. But, she always feels that all the waiting is worth. She knows it because the box shows her about the place she wants to be, the direction, the box also shows her a dream, a same dream like hers, the box shows her a beautiful little imagination world where elf, dwarf, witch, and dragon lives.

Yeah, the box is a part of her life now. She always keeps on her eyes on every move of the box. She loves it and willing to wait. Always. Because she knows that someday the box will talks to her everytime, someday. And that should be begin by a little thing like this day. Do you know what is that, moon? The box said “Hi” to her. Simple right? Yeah I know, that’s love. She waits for a long time, and that words makes her day, makes her smile a lot, all day long.

But she already knows, when the box said “Hi” it means she should wait for a long time again to hear that voice again. She said to me, “That’s okay, the box voices is always worth to wait. I love that. And I won’t think about ‘waiting’ now, because I’m still happy of his ‘Hi.’ And the waiting is for tomorrow, not today. Today is for my smile .” you know, moon? I’m proud of her. She is faithful enough to do that kind of wait. I wish I can be that girl 


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