Cinderella Vs Me (Haha)



Oh my God, I can’t sleep. I just watched Cinderella movies played by Lily James. That’s wonderful movies and make me want to write about “what I feel after I watched the movie,” right now, don’t care about sleep. Haha. Well, I feel I’m on the stage where my mind is racing and can’t be stopped by anyone including me. Haha. live the life! Yay!

So, I mark some points of the movie. First of all, THE PRINCE! Why? Because I’m a normal straight girl who always can fall in love with blue eyes’ men. And Richard Madden (Prince Kit) have two beautiful blue eyes. And his smile? Do you know cheddar cheese which so hard to melt? Well, that cheese will melt easily after a second Prince Kit smile.


When you met a guy like this in the forest, he’s your future husband! Note that!


Introduce Prince Kit and his perfect blue eyes


Look at his eyes, so bright!

Then, Cinderella, she’s a beautiful kind hearted girl. And Lily James acts perfectly. And the blue dress? Oh God, Outstanding! The glass slipper? I’m dying to have it (not exactly, I’m hyperbolic sometimes).


Lily James as Cinderella


Cinderella met her prince for the first time

Besides The Prince and Cinderella, I got thrilled by Cate Blanchett’s acting. She is the most cruel step mother I’ve ever know. Her face, her body language, her words, her attitude, are so great! That’s like she meant to be the Oscars of step mother. Haha


Oh dear, step mother


Cate Blanchett’s acting is so great


She’s pure devil 😀

This movie also makes me think that I have some similarities with Cinderella. Oh dear, call me naïve and childish, but I don’t care 😛 It is true.

I believe about magic, not a fairy thing but a surprise by God. That’s happened few days ago to me. God listen to my pray, and He makes it real. I know that was a simple wish, but it means a lot to me. And after God makes that happened, I can’t stop smiling, all the time.

Okay, back to Cinderella. In that movie there is a narration with a main line that everything happens for a reason and like the movie’s scenario, there’s no coincidence. And I believe that thing too. I never believe about coincidence. Cinderella have two cruel step sisters, she is sad about that and runaway to the forest then met the prince for the first time. After that, the prince make the ball party for everyone because he wants to meet Cinderella again. Look, everything happens for a reason. God’s scenario is the best, He is full of surprises. Just believe Him.

“And Ella continued to see the world not as it is, but as it could be,” – Ella’s Fairy godmother –

I’m not Cinderella, I know. But I’ll tell you that’s true. You can build your own world, and you will live in it. That begin when you believe your dreams. But when you don’t believe, you’ll never live in that world. Because you’ll be wary as you see the construction and you won’t build it until finish. You’ll never see the roof, and would regret that in the future. So, keep dreaming, keep believing, and build your dream, build your own world here you can feel your happiness, where yourself belong.

This movie also makes me believe that someday I’ll meet my prince. Yeah, I’m a little girl who believe fairytales, who falling in love with every happy endings. But I know, my prince is not someone like Kit, because I think a palace’s life is not my style 😀 (sorry for Prince Harry).

When I said Prince, it doesn’t means he should be the real Prince like Duke of Wales, or something like that. Hahaha. No, I’m not the next Kate Middleton. A Prince (for me) shouldn’t ride a horse or white horse, but he should has a pride of himself, believe about his dreams, and that would be great if we have same dream. Haha. Like I said before, we will meet under the beautiful red and yellow trees, in the heart of Uncle Sam, the world we always want to live in. I’ll look into your eyes deeply, and you’ll smile at me, you’ll find our same dreams in my eyes.

Oh yeah I remember, Cinderella has a strange habbit too. She likes to talking with animals, and I like to talking with myself and sometimes with everything I meet. Yeaha, you can call me crazy, I DON’T CARE! That’s better than talking with someone whom full of lie, or masks, or something. At least when I’m talking with myself, it’s all honest speak. And I can have every answer I want to hear.

Well, finally I’m not Cinderella or a Princess. I’m the queen of myself, I rule my own world 😛 Bye bye Cinderella 😀


Bonus pictures :


Fairy Godmother is always be the funny one 😀


I love this scene, where Fairy Godmother change Cinderella dress into a beautiful dress with her magic




And the slippers! Magic!


Especially when Mr. Kit help Ella to wear it. Aww, sweet




The Prince takes Cinderella to his Secret Garden



He’s sooo handsome


Although when he’s crying


And he’s a lovely son


Who full of surprise


And they married



Became the king and queen


And live happily ever after (Disney’s favorite ending)



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2 thoughts on “Cinderella Vs Me (Haha)”

  1. Aku juga barusan selesai nonton film ini. Atas rekomenedasimu, Mbak Firo makasih. Aku jarang nonto princess dari dulu ibukku selalu bilang yang namanya putri itu udah gak ada, udah tamat bareng kerajaan mereka yang juga udah hancur diserang penjajah (ibukku gitu) (hahahaha). Dari kecil aku lebih sering baca fabel yang cerita binatang gitu. Terus gara-gara nonton film ini aku jadi kepo, kayak gimana sih Cinderella kalau di buku dongeng. Ada nilai moral yang bisa dipetik sih, mbak fir. Nilai moralnya: sering-sering main ke hutan siapa tahu enteng jodoh (yaampun).

    1. hahaha. bener mbak tis, karena biasanya cowok ganteng di mall itu sukanya cowok ganteng juga bukan cewek cantik kyak kita. Jadi cinderella itu ngasih contoh carilah jodok di hutan, karena cowok ganteng di hutan itu gak mungkin suka cowok ganteng karena gak ada cowok ‘ganteng’ (yang suka cowok) main ke hutan. Tapi mereka suka sama cewek cantik secantik cinderella atau kita, atau paling gak, suka sama gorilla.

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