I always dreaming for blue eyes
but someday I found prettier eyes, heterochromia
Blue and brown
Water and earth
Those eyes take me to the sea
feel the warm air of the beach
Touch the clear water, and amazed by the horizon
Another one bring me to the mountain
Make me fall in love with the smell of soil
Feel comfy with forest’s song

Blue and brown
Blue take me to a highest sky
Give me a pair of wings
Make my dream become real and touch the star
Brown introduce me to the sun
And feel the greatest power to be the best
Give me the crown, and become a queen

Blue and brown
Blue is a happiness of love
Fur in a cold air
A kiss in the morning
Brown is a wedding ring
The diamond on the cave
A hug after crying

Blue and brown
A pair of eyes, beautiful eyes
Blue and brown tell me some story of love
How simple things makes someone dying
How a simple conversation makes someone’s heart melt
How a little smile makes someone forget of sleep
How some texts makes you be missed
How your words makes me smile
How I put your name on my pray

Blue and brown
Put a smile upon my face
Blue and brown tell me about a girl you love
But never let me drown
They wipe the tears of my eyes
Blue and brown let me dream about you
The perfect man I always want to be mine

Blue and brown always whisper on my ears about your dream
And they told me that someday I will hold your hand
Someday I’ll look into your brown eyes
Under the red and yellow of autumn
Someday I’ll hear three best words from you beautiful lips “I love You”
Someday I’ll be the one who can feel your warm hug
Someday you’ll put your lips on my lips every single morning
Someday I’ll be a girl you always missed every single day
Someday, someday..

Blue and brown
Tell Uncle Sam I want to talk with him
Blue and brown, here is my words for Uncle Sam :
Uncle Sam, your little girl is blue and brown’s bestfriend
Uncle Sam, I know you keep my name on your book
I wonder, do you keep his name too?
Oh Uncle Sam, I love your autumn
Isn’t that too much if I want to look into his eyes in your beautiful autumn?
He’s as beautiful as your autumn
Uncle Sam,
Your little girl fall in love again
Uncle Sam, let me wake up on his side someday, in your beautiful America
Uncle Sam, please take care of his name on your book
Don’t erase his name and my name
We will meet you soon uncle

Blue and brown
They sent my letter to Uncle Sam
Now I just need to wait for Uncle Sam’s reply, and him
And tell Rena if the one I love is a good man 


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