Short Story About Mom and Her Daughter


This is a gift I give to myself today, Congratulations Firoh! You’re the best!

“Congratulations Firoh, you passed the test!” I said that to myself today, and I buy a little gift for me. A beautiful white cake. Maybe you guys will see this as a stupid, pathetic thing. But I do that all the time I passed something. Like today, I passed the computer test, and I appreciate this with buying the beautiful cake. I know it’s not an expensive thing, but for me that’s a big deal since I’m on diet nowadays. And a little thing to appreciate myself is good, Haha.

When my mom find out :
Mom : You said you’re on diet?
Me : Yeah, it’s just to celebrate something.
Mom : from?
Me : Me, lovely me. Who else?
Mom : I thought that’s from him
Me : Oh my God, mom. He’s just my friend.
Mom : Who knows? 😛

Hmm, that’s my mom. Always doing that. And make me remember about a story :

When your mom knows you’re falling love. She starts to teasing you all the time. Says his name again and again until you tell her who’s the guy.

“Mom he’s just my friend. But he’s a good man, good muslim, and he always try to tell me how to be better. I always learn something new if I’m with him. And the bonus is he’s handsome. Hahaha”

And your mom will smile and ask more. She will ask about his full name, where he live, his job, his age, and the best part is why do you love him.

“Mmmm… everyone always says they don’t know why the fall in love with someone. But I know exactly what makes me fall in love with him. Mom, he did something that no man ever do for me. Maybe he was just showing off, but that’s the best thing to show off. That means a lot for me. And we have a same dream too Mo. Hmm… what a perfect man.”

When you explain about that special little thing to your mom, she will smile and nod.

(Mom) “I see, he looks like a good guy. He loves God, and make you have a better relationship with God.”

Then you’ll smile and think about him, right after that. Or you‘re already thinking about him? Hahaha. Then your mom will look at you and say :

“Okay, I know (from what you said) he’s a good man. And you told me that he is just your friend. But your eyes says more, and for now maybe he’s the man you always want to be with. And it would be great if it happens someday. Since he has the same dream with you, I don’t know I feel I wouldn’t afraid anymore if you live in your dream country with him. Overall, he’s a good man, good muslim, smart, a brave one, and like you said, handsome. I would love to meet him someday.”

Then you’ll get thrilled and hard to believe about what your mom just said :

“Really? Mom? Really? I don’t know mom, he doesn’t feel the same. But you know that I don’t care. I’ve on this situation before. I love him and I don’t need him to love me back for now, because there will be a dangerous situation if he loves me too. I’ll forget about anything and just focus on him. No! I already have serious relationship with my internship report and obligatory essay. So, that feel better he doesn’t love me back, for now. Maybe it makes me become his bestfriend and give me a reason to talk, meet, and know him more.”

And at the end of this serious conversation your mom will ask about his picture. Then you’ll show his picture to her.

“No way! This is the first time you fall in love with the beautiful one. I love him and it would be great if I can meet him someday.”

And the daughter just smiling, all the time. She’s falling in love and knowing her mom like the one she loves.

–The end–

Hahaha, that was a good story though  and make me laugh so hard. Hahahaha. Will beautiful day, Thanks God. Ohh and Thanks God, You give me the reason to do something I ask you before. Thank You so much, You’re so great. I love you God.


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2 thoughts on “Short Story About Mom and Her Daughter”

  1. Bermakna ganda gimana to mbak titiiissss???? Ih mbak titis ih, tak bilangin ibu kamu lhoo kalau kamu juga sering bermakna ganda. Mencintai tapi juga tak ingin terlihat mencintai secara bersamaan sama itu. 😀

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