I don’t blame you for come to me because you hear I said her name. I’m not angry you listen to what I thought because it has connection with the one you love. I don’t mock you for every situation you share about her.

I have no power to say ‘no’ to you. That’s like you give me a magic words and curse me to say ‘yes’ or ‘I do.’ That’s why I hate to fall in love. I become a dumbass, blind, deaf, and just put my eyes, ears, and everything on you. And while you don’t know about this feeling, it is destroy me inside.

I love you. Just three words and you’ll know. But it’s like I don’t have power to say this. Your magic is too strong, your spell is too powerful, and they took my words. They just leave ‘yes’ and ‘I do’ for me.

I’m not crying whenever you say her name. I would love to listen to your story, every single of them. I’m willing to take every stab you make whenever you said you love her. That’s okay. At least you believe me as your friend.

That’s okay, I know you’re falling in love. I know how you feel. That’s same with the feeling I feel. But the difference is I fall in love with you and you fall in love with her.

And sometimes I curse her too, why do you love that bitch? Why do you always smile when you say that bitch’s name? I can see a star on your eyes when you tell a story about that biatch. And sometimes I become a bitch too and said “Please break up with your girlfriend for a God sake!”

I won’t say sorry for the strong words.


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