Hi, Today is great. I didn’t sleep for one night and maybe this is how you feel when you are drunk. That’s like I have a flying head, everything’s so foggy, I think unclearly, and feel lazy to do anything even for singing (I love singing) on the road. Hahaha. I’m so good though, I don’t sleep when I have a schedule to campus, and this is my second time I do that.

That began when I drink coffee. It’s been a long time since the last time I drink coffee. I don’t know why I drink coffee, I have a habit to drink green tea not coffee. Because my body has a love and hate relationship with coffee. I love the taste of coffee especially vanilla latte, cappuccino, and Caribbean nut flavor. But my stomach is kind of “Okay Firoh, your tongue loves coffee, that doesn’t mean I love coffee too and you choose your tongue now. So I will curse you!” Then, that’s the time when HCL’s working more than usual. Yay.

That night, I do the finishing of my internship report. I thought it will be finished by 10.00 pm – 12.00pm, but I’m hanging around on facebook, youtube, and many more so I finish the report at 02.30 am. By the time, I don’t feel asleep again and I decided to wait for the dawn.


(How messy I am, I can find everything on my bed. Sometimes I just feel lazy to put my makeup on the right place, so I will let them sleep there with my papers, modem, flashdisk, oh that’s why I lost my modem and flashdisk several times 😀 )

I’m not the one who like to wake up on the morning. I usually wait for the dawn then pray then sleep again. But that morning I have an idea to exercise. Jogging, actually that was my plan from Ramadhan. But I never do that until now. When I open my window, still dark. Before I come to bed trap, I move my feet and walk to get a drink and saw the bike and think “Why should I do the little run? I can’t go far when I’m jogging, and that’s boring. Oh I will ride the bike and saw the red skies from some spots.”


(Still dark, when I ride the bike and be the queen of the road)

Then, that’s how I take some pictures of red skies. It’s been a long time since the last time I ride a bike. My dad and my brother love to ride a bike, they do that everyday. But me? No! never thought to do that, lazy to move, or just I like to dating my laptop. But I did some exercise earlier, because I thought I gain some weight and I need to burn the fat. I did skipping, sit up, back up, and push up.

So, I love to ride the bike. That feels so good, especially when I ride on the morning. Why? Because I can be the queen of the road, there are just a few vehicle there. And the air is great, the sky is so beautiful. I never saw that because usually I just busy to roll on my bed in the morning. Hahaha

I have a story when I ride the bike this morning, I have a habit to accost people I know, and I rarely do that to a stranger, I usually just smile to them. But this morning I do that, say good morning to almost every man/women/kid I met on the road. That’s funny and so entertaining when they smiling and accost back to me but with an awkward expression because they don’t know me. Hahahaha. but I get one great experience from that, “When you smile to someone, they will ‘smile’ back to you. There is no something bad to smile, so there’s no reason to not to smile to everyone.”


(Beautiful red sky, but bad camera. I imagine what if my eyes can take the picture like camera. Wow!)


(My High school but not musical hahaha)


I love sky


Feeling the peace and the fresh air


(I love this road, I always go here when I’m from campus. Because I can feel peace here, the rice field, green, and thats like this place is far from the modern life. But that was my first time I feel the morning air there. Look at the sky! love that)


(She is so enthusiastic to exercise! :D)


(Do you saw the red dot? Thats the sun, beautiful red sun. I love sun! She is so brave, independent, beautiful, and great)


And she is the greatest!


I try to zoom in, but still, bad camera and beautiful sun


beautiful flowers


A troop of soldier sing louder when they met a girl -,-


The sun!


see the beautiful red sun rise and catch a breath 😀


I dont know, I just love this picture


That light, God I love you!


The baloon men 😀 (I know it’s not the right timing to take the picture, but I’m on a bike)




Back to my bed, that is tired and sleepy face 😀

Well thats it. Bike, sun, sky, and smile. I love it. But after the happiness time I should feel suffer for my printer. I should print my internship report for my lecturer, but my print is kind of angry to me. Why? because I exploit it. 😀 On the first 80 pages, that was good, smooth, and nothing bad happened. But the rest? God! But thanks God, I finish that 😀

After that I should go to campus to give the report to my lecturer and attending my friends’ test. Sleepy head must go to campus, and everything going so slow andI’m late. Whoops.

But congratulations to Syifa Nuraisya and Titis Kusuma Wardhanie, You guys are the best! You did a great job!


Well, thats my story, how about yours? I love to ride a bike, so if you love to ride a bike too I will take you to a beautiful place here. Just come to me. Hahahaha 😀


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