The Devil, The Angle, and Me


Me : Oh my God! There you go, a genius boy. Really? God! Why do you do this to me? Stop being too perfect!
Devil : What happened?
Me : Look at him! After I know he loves his God so much, now I know that he’s so genius. Oh God kill me!
Devil : Nah, he’s not that perfect. He doesn’t know about world’s joy. The entertainment, if you know what I mean.
Angle : Nah, he’s perfect. He has the balance between his heart and his brain. God and the world.
Me : I know. He’s so adorable. I love him.
Devil : But he doesn’t love you back!
Me : I don’t care!
Angle : He will love you when he meet you in person.
Me : Yeah, I hope so.
Devil : No he won’t. He has a girlfriend!
Me : Yes, and just a girlfriend. So what?! May his girlfriend rot in hell.
Devil : Hahaha. Now you’re my girl.
Me : No, she’s your girl. His girlfriend is your girl.
Angle : Control your words. You know he has a good manner. And at least you should try to control what you say.
Me : Hmm…
Devil : Just don’t care! This is your life, you can do everything you wanna do. You can say anything you want. No one can control you.
Me : Yeah, this is my life. And I hope this is the life that I will spent the rest of it with him.
Angle : Yeah good. Then you should be better.
Me : Yeah, I will try.
Devil : No, you shouldn’t try. You can seduce him with your body. Just show him your legs and I will help the rest of it.
Me : I’m not a slut!
Angle : He is a genius and religious one, you can’t seduce him with your body. Seduce him with your brain, with your attitude, with your manner.
Me : Yeah, that’s good idea. But will he love me back when I do that?
Angle : I won’t try to be nice and say he will because I don’t know what God plan is. But I will say to you it’s worth to try. He’s a good man, and there is no loss to be a better person.
Devil : No, you’ll waste your time to figure out what he wants. This is your life!
Angle : That’s good to be a better person.
Me : Yeah, that’s good to be a better person. But that’s such a waste to figure out what he wants. But I know he’s worth for anything I try to do for him. He has my heart although he doesn’t know it. But he will figure it out someday, and I will tell him that I love him. And I will say he’s the perfect one I always write.
To be continued…


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