Love for Paris (#Prayforparis)


We all know Paris is love
The greatest Eiffel for every lover
Paint every smile after kiss
A picture of a wonderful fairytale

But Tonight. Paris is wounded
Drop the tears over their innocent bloods
Some souls which full of grudge acts like ‘life taker devil’
Tarnish the city of love with their sins

Tonight, the city of light crying on the darkness
Full of sorrow and grief
Cry, fear, and death fulfilling the people’s hearts
They shut the Paris light and change it with the tears

Even the greatest Eiffel feel the sadness and cry
Tonight, I can’t found the giggles of lovers
Tonight, I didn’t hear any of beautiful wedding plans under the greatest tower
Tonight, I can’t found the sweet marriage proposal in Paris
Just sadness and fear

Paris, I miss your happiness
I miss your stories of love
I wish you’ll get better soon
God will take care of you, give you bless
And here, the world is crying with you
May Allah wipe your tears and hug you
And here, my love for Paris
Guérissez bientôt Paris.


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