This is night, when the darkness cover my mind.
They used to call me psychopath
The one with all of the details plan of murder
Like the scenario which inspired by your pretty girlfriend’s face

Yeah, why would you interested on me when she’s prettier than me?
She is ‘The Ballerina’ and who am I? The clown?
No, no.
John Wayne Gacey already took that name, so I will try a new one.
How about Dagger?
Oh I like that. A blunt dagger.
But, I won’t just use the blunt dagger.
Why? Oh here’s the plan, so you’re as her boyfriend should read it.

She is your sweetheart, so I’ll make her standing on the dark
Of course I’ll kidnapped her
But not like in the movie or show, I won’t blindfolded her.
I’ll make her eyes open
The eyes that always made you drunk
I want that beautiful eyes see every artworks I made
I’ll slice her eyelids, one by one
Slowly, and with the blunt razor

Oh yeah, you’ll listen to her beautiful voice
I’m sorry, not exactly voice, but her cry
I know he’ll cry a lot and red
A lot of bloods cover her face
Her pretty face that always make you have reason to not close your eyes, although for a while

Okay, enough for face!
What’s next? Oh let me think.
She is The Ballerina, oh she loves her legs
Ha, let me start with the bottom of her feet
I’ll burn those little toes until they got red and got the permanent wound
Wow, I’m so good.

Now, you’ll hear her beg me to stop hurt her
But no! because I know, when I let her go from this step you’ll hug her
And she will never stop loving you
So, I’ll go on

She is The Ballerina, and look at her flawless skin
Oh good idea
How about skin her with the blunt dagger?

Oh look at her, she is crying, screaming, and shouting for help
Look at that poor girl
Is she dumb enough to understand that she is on the middle of the woods?
Is she dumb enough to understand that God let me do this because I found the perfect place? A dark woods surrounding by a wide lake and corn fields?
So why he fall in love with her if she is too dumb?

Oh forget about him, let me finish this joy
I’ll make her see the dagger when it slices every part of her skin
I’ll make time for it, an hour maybe? I don’t want to get too fast and kill the joy
And remember it’s the blunt dagger

I’ll start from her arms, I’ll slice that softly so she will feel the dagger
And she will scream, crying.
And I’ll take another slice for her legs
Still, with the blunt dagger
Isn’t that interesting to see one and only girl that made you jealous all the time suffer?
Yeah, it’s really good.

Now, what should I do with those beautiful skins?
Now, she is tired to cry. Oh that’s boring.
She beg to just kill her now.
What? That’s not the point I’m here.
Killing is not what I want

Oh how about make her suffer more with her skins?
I’ll burn her skinless legs and tell her to eat his own skin
Look at her, she is a cannibal now.
Hey you, her boyfriend. Look at your girlfriend, she is a cannibal
And she will eat you when she is hungry
Could you stop loving her?

No? okay, let me finish this.
Now, for her pretty face and smile
Where is my blunt dagger?
Oh here it is.

Hey bitch, don’t stop crying. Do your stomach too full to cry?
Oh I remember about Joker
How about we make some new decoration for your smile
Maybe the wider one? Like joker.
I took your silence and heavily breath as ‘yes’

I’ll start from your high cheek bones
Slowly to your lips
Hey, I see your tongue
I think I wanna cut them
I did

Oh look at you, you’re beautiful now
Skinless joker face
Oh I think I’m tired now. I’ll go home
Don’t worry I won’t leave you alone here
I hear that there are some beasts in this beautiful woods
Make friends with them
I’ll go home
Good luck.
Oh yeah, sorry I should take my blunt dagger and razor
I’ll make that as the my medal of honor
Bye bye


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