Some Days Earlier (Old)



Some days earlier, I feel God put my life on ‘marriage’ thing circle. It began when months ago my mom gave me a ring. That’s a beautiful ring, but I believe when you guys saw it, maybe you’ll think I’m engaged. After days I wore this ring, I attended a class and met my friends. And they act like :

Friend : “oh my God, you are engaged!”
Me : “Thank God, no.”
Friend : “But the ring?”
Me : “Then I’m engaged with my mom.”

Duh! I believe when I wear this ring and I am a middle school student, they will have different responses. Not just that, some days earlier my mom said that my father made some save for my wedding. (Me : Excuse me Dad, with whom? Adam Levine? Okay then, I’ll ask him to home). Oh my lovely Dad, may I use that money for buying all of novels I want. Then I’ll consider it done, I’m married, with my novels.

And today, my brother, my dear little brother start a little conversation that made me said “am I that old?” then my Mom said, “Yeah, good time for married.” I just made this face -_- or this -,- and reply “Mom, I’m old and maybe you supposed to say that I should finish my study soon.”

Mom : “Oh yeah, good idea. After that you can marry soon.”
Me : “With whom? Adam Levine? Oh yeah.”
Brother : “Him! (say his name)”
Me : -_- (while my heart said : I wish. hahahaha)
Mom : “I’ll have a hairy grandson, like a monkey.”
Me : “Mom. Eww..”
Mom + Brother : Lol

That was a conversation in the morning and my mom and my brother bully me again in the afternoon. Oh my God I’m hanging out with them all the time. My brother found my phone unlocked when I was talking about something with my mom. He always likes to tease me around. And one day when I slept my brother change my wallpaper with my crush’s face. Shoot! I scared to death when I found that. But thanks God, he doesn’t change my whatsapp dp. Because I believe I’ll be killed when it happens.

Okay, back to this afternoon. When my brother found my phone unlocked. He shows his picture to my mom. There are many things my mom and my brother said to me. But I just mark one when my mom said, “He’s handsome and smart. That would be great if he become my son in law someday, your husband (at that point my heart was laughing, and full of joy, and said “Amiiiiiin.”). and now I should start to thinking about jet lag when I come to your husband house. (Mom, you kill the joy).”

After that my friend tell a story that she want to has a little brother, not from her mom, but from me. Me (?)
Me : “Okay then, make he (his name) marry me. Then I’ll make a baby for you, soon. Hahahha.”
God, why? This kind of jokes are killing me. Why they like to make that kind of joke? Am I that old? Hello? I’m 20.

And hello? Am I look like I want to marry soon? Oh yeah maybe you guys read my posts and know that I fall in love, but it doesn’t mean I want to marry soon. No! marriage is a big huge thing. And I’m still a little girl. My mind is still a little girl, I rarely care about other’s happiness.

I have a bad perception about married, I don’t believe a belief that a girl should married around 20-25. Hello? Then did you try to say that a girl should start the struggle of being a person who take care of domestics thing and leave their dream on that young age? No! 20-25 is a time to make a great wonderful journey. No offense, but for me that means that not to take care of baby, not to take care of your husband, cleaning house, being in the ‘wife community.’ No! big no for me.

This age is for taking care of yourself, love yourself, make yourself happy, reaching your own dream, and be yourself. And when you married, you won’t have that chance as big as you’re not engaged with anyone.

When you’re a girl, I believe some cultures especially eastern will see you as a “poor girl” ; “old virgin” ; “too picky” ; and “out of market” when you are not married at that age, 20-25. Hey girls, you live in a Patriarchy circle. You live in the country where a man can decide who he want to married with as easy as he pick a chicken to eat. We live in the place where the community will judge you by the way you being picked. They will make a convos about “Who is the man who married Ms. A? Is he rich? What is his job? Why he married her? Is she pregnant? Because she is too young to married (or) whoever married her is her way. She’s too old, then she can’t choose anymore. (or when a girl marry a younger man they will say) Oh my God, what comes to his mind, she’s older.”

Suck it up! Just don’t care about their poisonous tongues. Why? Marry a younger man is not a fault! God! Look at Muhammad, he married Khadijah who older than him. But they love each other, and that’s the important thing.
So girls, I wish you happy all the time. Do something that make you happy, don’t so something because community force you to do that. Sometimes it hurts to live different than their rules, but God let you do that. And He is one and only Fair Judge in this world and another world. Find something to make you happy, when you happy to marry someone just marry him, if he is younger marry him, dont care about what people said, when you have a dream try to reach it don’t care about what other’s said, there is no “You’re too old to reach your dream.” Good luck girls! God Bless you.


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