My friends call me ‘a blogger.’ The one who write some stories or something and post it online, on the blog. Yeah, I am a blogger. I write something for my blog. But now I remember, lately I didn’t write about many things again. From May 28th or May 29th until now, almost all of the post of my blog are about you. Now I’m not a blogger, I’m a pathetic blogger.

And hey look, it’s about you again. What are you doing to my life exactly? You become the number one person I always think about. And you become the one who appeared on my posts. I want you to know that I have some kind of special feeling for you. And I know you read my blog, sometimes. Maybe you’ll read that, and I wish you’ll know that. But, you’re not someone who care enough about what I write.

Months ago, I think you’ll know about my feeling for you after I wrote one or two posts. But you said you busy enough to read all of my new posts. And my blog become the box who full of “He is my Crush” file. So my blog can be the source of information when someone wants to kill you.

Forget about my blog, I know this blog is not good enough for you. You’re the one who like to read something political, historical, literature, and all of good things not cheap things. And here I am, writing something cheap, love. I used to be the one who hate to write about love. I wrote about love stories a lot, but I always gave something lil bit ‘not too love’ in it. But now? full of love. See? I’m stupid now.

Every time I open my blog, read it, I found you. When I open my facebook, I found you. When I open my Whatsapp, there is you again. You, you, you, and you. Sometimes I think you take my world, but sometimes I think you make my world a better place too. Like when I read my old facebook messages with you, I remember we used to be closer than now. And when I read my whatsapp messages with you months ago, I remember you gave me some good attentions.

But now? I’m alone and missing you. I miss you busy head. I miss you smartass. I miss you Alien. And when I miss you, I become more pathetic. I check on my blog stats, wish I’ll see your country’s flag there. And when I didn’t find it, I’ll made up some thoughts that maybe you hide your IP and change it into USA or Indonesia’s IP. Hmm.. I wish. But I know you’re not that kind of man. You’re not a crazy maniac person like me. And I know you won’t do that because you are not falling in love with me. Oh I hate that we are on the different reality.

Hey you Alien, I’m addicted to you. I think about you, I write about you, I listen to songs and always make it like the song is about me and you. Ha! But I know which part I hate the most to look for when I miss you. Skype! Damn it! That application always makes me feel worse. Remember about the tones? God!

I hate to talk to you, but I always want to talk to you. You’re like someone dangerous but lovely, or someone dangerous but someone I love at the same time, or simply someone I love but not love me back, or someone I always want to talk to while that someone doesn’t have that kind of feeling to me.

Ah, whatever. At least you’re not Adam Levine, he’s married and that’s impossible for me to be with him, I’m not a Victoria’s Secret Angel. Hahaha. Look at me like I’m so sure I will have you. So pathetic. Hmm.. You can be another Adam Levine but with different desire. You don’t want a Victoria’s Secret Angel, but maybe you want a brightest and smartest lady in the world. And Gotcha! I’m not that lady. Hahaha. Bye bye Adam Levine part II.

I don’t care, I’m a Queen of England. (You know I’m crazy when I miss you).


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