Kids on Mawlid


Okay kid slow down. All of you will get the cake. 🙂

Today was a great day. No no, if you guys think I will write something about him. No, not today. December 18th, 2015. My mom asked me to help her in school. Kindergarten school. Wow. I have a chance to meet many great incredible kids there. Oh yeah, I forget, they celebrate Muhammad’s Birthday (Mawlid). I arrived at 07.00 am there, and prepare some movies, laptop, and projector. Then at 08.00 am they start the ‘party.’ They sings, laugh, do sholawat, watch movies about Islam and Muhammad, and listening to some stories about Muhammad’s birthday.

There are many wonderful memories. They are kids, they are cute, and they are moving a lot (running, teasing their friends, laughing, and even crying). Although when they were watching movies they still move, teasing me too, come to my laptop and say “Oh, that’s different. Look, they have pink skin there but they have brown skin on your laptop.” Hahaha.

They also have a wonderful, innocent, and funny answer to their teacher. When one of their teacher ask “Why they call Muhammad’s birthyear as The Year of Elephant (Al-Fiil)?” ; one of them answer is “That means he’s elephant’s kid.” And I couldn’t handle it, I was laughing. I’m sorry.


Come on kids, listen to your teacher. Good boys, good girls 😛 Listen to the story of The Prophet’s Birthday story


Ooh! That’s a sweet brownies, I got that one too 😛


Oh honey, don’t laugh when you pray. Lol


Yay, good kids got the snacks. Don’t be sad, all of you guys will got it 🙂


I’m his fans! really. This little buddy is so cute and chubby. But when I teased him, he was like scared of me. Haha


Snacks? Yum yum.

Hmm.. look at them is like back to my childhood when there’s no research about Afghanistan, war on terror, women, and war journalism. When they were laughing I can see the true happiness, no mask. When they talk to their friends, there are no strange topics like political discourse or the boring things like “You’re old, what should I do next?”

Hmm.. God, sometimes I just need to go back to my childhood. Being a kid. By the way, I was illegally graduated from my kindergarten. Yeah, when my cousin graduated from kindergarten (same school as me), I feel like I should be graduated too. She’s almost a year older than me, but I used to be closer to her so when she was graduated I should be graduated too. Hahahaha. At that time I can easily graduated from kindergarten, because my mom was my teacher. Hahaha.

Back to Mawlid, I am so happy today. It’s just like I could forget everything that made me sad with look at their laugh, I could forget what I should do for my research and feel free by listening to their innocent conversations, I could feel the real happiness by eating cakes together with them. God, If it is possible take me back to my childhood and I don’t want to grow up. Being grown up is sucks, curse me like Peterpan. J

And on this beautiful day, I know it’s not the real Mawlid yet. But, Thank God you sent us Your greatest man, Muhammad. Thank God for sent us the Light, may he rest in peace. Make us meet him in your Jannah. Amiin.. Allahumma Sholli Ala Muhammad.


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