I stand on the veranda, being the girl on the white dress waiting for the night. Like a ghost. Yeah, I wish I’m a ghost. But no, I’m still alive and I’m still breathing. I hate that, I hate for being alive. I hate for standing here, waiting for the darkness and meet the orange twilight. I hate when I feel the warmth of the orange twilight I feel the orange fire at the first time I met you. Yeah, orange. Yellow and red. Yellow for the cheerful laugh you made. And red for the love I always feel when I saw you.

Hmm, it’s Christmas I shouldn’t feel sad. They said today is for love and family. But today I found the orange twilight too, and I miss you, I wish you were here. I always imagine you will knock on my door and smile and I will say, “Hey you.” As a friend, no more. That’s okay.

Hmm.. orange memory, not memories because I just have one. And I’m sad because I feel you’re the one while you don’t feel the same.

Orange skies, the light from the sun’s sleepy eyes. The love from your beautiful eagle eyes. I wish I saw that. But I just found your eagle eyes. The charismatic lights which melt my cold heart.

Orange twilight, and I’m still here when the orange twilight has gone and the darkness embrace me. This is Christmas. I’ll keep you away from my Christmas tree. I’ll close my orange memory and laugh with Santa Claus. Maybe I’ll fly away with Santa and The Elf. Share the great love in every gift we gave. And I’ll sent you a gift too, a box with an orange twilight in it, wrapped by an orange beautiful memory. And a Christmas card said, “I love you. Merry Christmas. XD”


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