New year’s eve? Hah. That’s just a regular night for me. Nothing special. I know there are people on my house, hanging out together, laughing, watching movie, eats, and fireworks. But me? I don’t want to get involved with that business, I have my own. Sitting in front of my laptop, reading some Foucauldian discourse analysis model.

Sounds dull, I know. But this is my life, and this is the way to get closer to my dream. And I love to do it. Just a bottle of lemon water, that’s enough. I don’t need to be around people in new year’s eve, because I don’t want to ruin their happiness with my dark and twisty circle.


My phone is beeping, I don’t care. I hate people who bother me while I’m doing my research paper.


Oh God, can I get my peace? Please. Everyone become weirdo on NYE. They will hang out together while they never get out on December 30th or January 2nd. They will stay out too late on January 1st, what is the difference? Come on, it’s no big a deal. There are no Taylor swift or Adele or Maroon 5’s concert.


“Hey! I’m doing my paper!” I’m shouting to my phone. Why? Why? Why are they sending me “Happy NYE.” I don’t care. It’s the same night, come on people! I drink my lemon water to get relax. Oh crap, no more lemon water. And I feel so lazy to take another one from refrigerator, why? Because its in the kitchen and that’s far away from my room. Hello?

I take my phone and checking for the messages. Six new messages. I open that one by one, “happy new year’s eve” ; “May God bless you in 2016” ; “Happy NYE J” ; bla bla bla.. and one message “How’s your new year’s eve?” from him.

I smile, and forget about my madness about getting text, he texted me like an hour ago. I reply that with one word that he will know. “Sucks. I miss you.”

He : “What it takes you so long to reply?”

Me : “I was doing my paper, and I need to focus on Foucault’s work.”

He : “I thought it’s new year’s eve? Isn’t there a party?”

Me : “Yeah, there is. And bunch of people are here.”

He : “That’s so typical of you. J Can we talk?”

Me : “Ok.”

And he calls me. I see his face, and he smile. “Assalamualaikum.”

He never said good night or good evening. He always said “Assalamualaikum.” The most beautiful way for greeting. That word is so powerful, one of reasons he got my heart is because of that. One of reasons he makes me said “I do” on his proposal is that “Assalamualaikum.” One of the reasons I gave him a title that I thought I would never gave to anyone, as a husband, is his “Assalamualaikum.” One of the reasons I wear the ring he gave to me as his wife is his “Assalamualaikum.”

Hmm, but now. He is far away, he can be with me right now. He is in Afghanistan doing some UN project for the war. And I’m here millions miles away doing the research about Afghanistan war. I back home for new year’s holiday, my mom asks me to home, but he can’t go to Indonesia because he should finish his job.

He : “Hey, you look tired.”

Me : “You know what? Why I’m marrying you? Why I fall in love with you?”

He : (he smile) “Yeah I know, you fall in love with me because I read ‘God’s song’ for you. And   I’m smart, handsome, and awesome man.”

Me : “Hahaha. You’re a narcissist. Those are right, but I have one more reason why I fall in love                 with you.”

He : “Really? I beat you Adam Levine!” (laughing)

Me : “Hahaha. No, you will never beat Adam Levine. Sorry.”

He : “I know. But oh see? I beat that Californian men? I marry you while he is not.”

Me : “Okay, I love you.” (I smile)

He : “ I love you more, and of course more more more more than Adam Levine do.”

Me : “Thank you.” (Oh God, I miss him so much)

He : “So, what’s the reason you talk about?”

Me : “Okay, do you realize that you have a great habit as muslim? Your ‘Assalamualaikum’?

He : “That’s the way to be a great muslim. What do you mean?”

Me : “You never said good night or good evening to me while we talk on telephone or skype.    You always open our conversation with ‘Assalamualaikum.’ And I love that.” (I smile)

He was smiling while I said that. He said that I’m one of a kind. I fall in love with simple things he does. But that’s great things. Fall in love with him is one of greatest thing I do in my life. And makes him love me back is the greatest thing too. Being his wife, meeting his parents, became the part of his big family are perfect. He is my friend, my bestfriend, my husband, my brother, my man, my Alien and my lover.

I miss his brown eyes, I miss his jokes, I miss his freckles, I miss his weird riddle, I miss all of him. I’ll keep every memories about him while I’m away, and of course I’ll keep his salam. His beautiful “Assalamualaikum.” I miss you.


Hmm.. holy God! What am I doing? Imagining him as my husband just because I’m watching Sarfaraaz said “Assalamualaikum.” Oh Foucault, distract me again! I know that was a bad idea to join the party and the movie.


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