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Writing is like bringing your life into a piece of paper. The reader can see how’s your life from everything you write, the way you write, and the topic you choose to write. That’s like when I wrote the article “Women, Media, and Society.” I brought all the negativity about marriage. No, that’s not what I really want to show to the world. Yeah, I am really scared of marriage life, that’s true. But I didn’t write that just because that reason. I know how society treats women after she got married with all of the second job and how women should be “serving male’s goals more than to serve their self,” I know how women should sacrifice her job while men can keep their job easily after marriage.

I believe that women deserves better. Women should do everything they want. I know some women who should give up their jobs, their education, their dream just for marriage. And I know some of them who keep their dream, jobs, and education rather than they keep for their marriage or their relationship. And what happened? Society will label the women who keep their jobs, education, and dream rather than the relationship or marriage as the sinner. They insult that women for reaching their dream. They expel that women just because they are fighting for the happiness. They’ll keep calling that kind of women as ‘freak’ just because she tries to fulfill the purpose of her life.

Yeah women are incredible to do some jobs at once.  Being mother, wife, and a professional worker at once, perfectly. And what makes me feel terrible is man expect that all of women will do that. They think that women meant to be ‘that kind of women.’ What if some of them doesn’t want to do that? What if some of them just want to be a mother? what if some of them just want to be a professional worker? What if some of them just want to be a wife and professional worker?

My point is let women do whatever they wanna do. Don’t insult them for doing whatever they want although that’s not something common in the society. They (women) have some reasons to do that. Use their point of view. Don’t judge women because they do something that’s society call as “men’s work,” don’t expel them just because they have a different fashion style, and don’t ever think women is less than man. They can be whatever and whoever they want. They can be a great researcher, soldier, model, singer, director, CEO, journalist, racer, paleontologist, engineer, pilot, nor even a housewife.

And what I want to say to men is treat women as equal as you treat everyone else. I know they are still women afterall, it’s hard to get rid of all of the ideas that society gave. But women can do more, women can do everything you (men) do, as good as you do, maybe we can do better if you believe on us. And when it comes to your wife, please treat her good. She sacrifices so much to be your wife, to be a housewife. She leaves her family to be with you. She maybe had some of things she wanted to do, but she give it up just to do some things (hopefully) beautiful with you.

When a women choose to be a housewife, she dreams about a wonderful family. Loving husband and great kids. And I believe they will do as best as they can. So please, don’t destroy their dream. For the husband, support them, and just because she choose to be a housewife, don’t you (man) ever thought she is your house assistant, she is your wife not your slave. Don’t do what society said if that makes you hurt your wife.

That makes me remember about the conversation I did with my friend days ago. He brought all the positive things about marriage and his conclusion about what happened to the society is not all right. That’s true. For me, sometimes we should let our religion values as our compass. At some points religion brings the best lead like what he said :

“That’s not what Islam says. That’s what the society has become. Husband can’t go into some other country without wife’s permission because it might hurt family and family is the priority. Husband has to involve wife in every matter. –Ali Ahmad –“

Yeah, that’s true. If a husband can respect his wife as good as he respect himself, that would be great. And if all of husbands in the world believe that his wife have the same rights like them, that would be lovely. If all of husbands in the world will never see his fife less than himself, we will live in the better world. Respect each other and compromise, no more domestic violence.


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