The Hidden Messages behind Language in your Texts



“Good morning..”

“How are you?”

“What’s up?”

I believe that you familiar with all of those greetings. But have you ever thought that sometimes “Hi” is not just regular “Hi” ? Sometimes “Hi” means “Hi, can we talk? I want to talk to you.” Language is an abstract concept according to some scientists. You should understand the content also the context to get the right meaning. I’ll give you some examples. So, when you had been in a fight with your girlfriend because she is two hours late on your date, the she texts “Hi.” It could mean that she wants to talk about everything, try to get your forgiveness. Her “Hi” could mean “Hi, I’m sorry for being late. Can we talk please? Forgive me.” Or when your daughter/son send a “Hi” but he never wrote “Hi” before. It could be he/she got some serious trouble or he/she wants a big favor from you. Or when it came from the one who have crush on you, the “Hi” could mean “Hi, I like you so much. Can I talk to you? I miss you. That would be great if you reply my text.”

That’s wonderful right how a simple word like “Hi” have many meanings. Language is great, wonderfully great. But sometimes they (the communicant) pretend to not understand that, or they (the communicant) close their mind and saw that as “Hi”, just “Hi.” I told you when someone said “Hi” to you, that means something more than “Hi.” Want prove? Okay. I don’t believe someone willingly do something for nothing. I just don’t believe that. I will show you some simple thing, when I wait for bus I’ll text my friend “Hi.” I don’t want him/her to pick me up, no, because I wait for the bus to pick me. I don’t want them to listen to my relationship’s story, because I don’t have one. Then why I sent them “Hi”? because I want them to accompanying me while I’m waiting for the bus. Another example is when your parents text you “Hi.” And imagine that you are on a perfect healthy and happy condition, like you have a greatest job and your parents love your job and you’re married to a great man/lady who love your parents so much. Of course they don’t need anything from you guys. But that “Hi” is not mean for nothing, they want to know how have you been. They need an update information of your condition.

That always be something behind “Hi.” or the other greetings. Maybe you can dig some information too from the way he choose words for greeting. Like when he choose “Hi” more than “Hey” maybe he/she is the one who believe that “hey” is for take people attention. And when she/he said “Hiiii..”, I believe that he/she is a loner in his/her real life (I found people who sent me this kind of text with some vocals they should not put it in the words are a loner. They are more into internet’s life). They thought that they are happy or have a cheerful happily life, but they have not. Sometimes, they are people who want to makes people happy, but somehow they don’t care about their own life. So they gave the impression in their texts.

Yeah, the way you choose the words is matter. Because there always be non-verbal communication in your verbal communication. And when you found that “non-verbal” you will know everything, including some information they don’t use to share. That’s why I always like to learn about reading people. For the simple thing, the first born and the youngest have different way to talk. I found that when you have a new friend and they are the first born, they will choose some words wisely because they want to show you some ‘responsibility’ he took for being first born. They will choose the words and make them into some story that make them seen as independent, strong, proud, and sometimes they ‘charismaticly’ beefy about their siblings. They don’t want to be seen as ‘too attached’ to their family. So they rarely mention about family.

The youngest and the only child seems like have the same way for picking words to communicate. They will show their status as “the youngest” right in front of your face. They will show that they love their family so much, sometimes they will say that they won’t leave their family at all. And when it came to their relationship’s life, they will thought about ‘what their family thought or belief’ more than ‘what he feels.’ The point is, the youngest or the only child will show you about the big love that he got from their family. And it could be anything, and somehow you’ll easily catch them. The middle child are the hardest part. I found that somehow they are little bit odd, mysterious. They little bit have the path from the first born but they are little bit spoiled like the youngest too.

Well, that’s just my theory. But that’s the power of language. Sometimes they show you something they don’t want to show or they don’t mean to show. It’s like Marshal McLuhan said about Technology determinism “The medium is the message.” And I will add something, “The ‘word’ is the message. There are messages in the messages.”

Sometimes you just feel the true meaning of their messages. Like a ‘rejection’ on their “Yes,” or when a girl has a crush to someone but she get close to his crush’s friend more. That girl will behave like a good friend because she wants to get her crush’s attention, and she wants that her crush thinks that she is a good and fun girl. And that girl usually still awkward with her true crush. So, don’t easily think she likes or have crush on you after she said “You’re stupidly crazy, my silly weirdly friend.”

So, dig deeper or the words will trap you. And don’t swim on the surface because you’ll not find the pearl on the surface.


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