Have You Ever Been in Love?

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Horrible isn’t it? At least it should be horrible when the one you love doesn’t love you back. When you fall in love you’ll see the world in different way. And you’ll see him in every way you took. Like when you took a class about geography, maybe somehow you’ll remember about the place or country or city he lived in. And when the teacher talk about the weather, snow, or spring, you’ll think, “Yeah, he is on spring right now. What is he doing? That would be great if I can go to that beautiful snowy place with him.” And so just you know, you won’t be able to focus on the real lesson. That’s love. You’re in love.

Have you ever been in love? And have you ever feel that it will be okay if you give up your dream for him? That’s just terrible. When you start to feel you don’t fall in love with your dream anymore because some guy crossing the line and took your heart. It’s like when you had a dream to work and live in Italia, become a researcher about Italian history, but then you meet an American guy, fall in love. And you just feel, “Oh USA have so many things too. I can live there and figure it out what I can do there.” You’ll find reasons to dump your old dreamy country and you’ll dig deeper for reasons to live in your ‘love country.’ But the real reason is you fall in love with him and want to be close with him, perhaps for beautiful thing happens. You’re in love.

Have you ever been in love? And you feel you should take a course to learn his language? Maybe you dump your Dutch course to learn Irish language. You do that not for understanding Irish, but you do that to impress him. You want to be seen as ‘the fast learner’ and ‘the one who deserve and Irish’ so you hope he will start to give you more attention. Or perhaps you’ll have more reasons to talk to him, “learn some new words, find the true grammars, or just waiting for him to say ‘I love you’ in Irish.” You’re in love.

Have you ever been in love? When you are not so grumpy for being stay late in the night, just to talk to him, because of the different time zone. Willingly to have sleepy eyes  and the dark circles under your eyes just for saying “Hi” or “Have a nice day” to him. Or perhaps something more like little talks, jokes, or maybe something romantic. You’re in love.

Have you ever been in love? When you do some research about the country he lives or something that have relations with him or his country or some event that remain you of him. You don’t feel bored to start everything from zero. Reading his country history, while you don’t really know your own country history. You’re in love.

Have you ever been in love? When you get all excited when your phone ringing. Maybe little bit disappointed when you didn’t found his name on the new messages you got. You’ll check on him, and you remember that, “It’s midnight there. He is sleeping.” And you’ll feel “It is the best day,” when he texts you in his midnight. You’re in love.

Have you ever been in love? When you have idea to make some good money to travel to his country. “Maybe going to some history places.” Or just simply meet him. You’re in love.

Have you ever been in love? When you used to love writing about something serious like social or cultural or politics, then you open the blank page and tada your mind full of him. And your hand dancing on your keyboard, typing his name, writing the plot about how you talk to him last night. And remember all the beautiful things, deleted all the worst case. You’re in love.

Have you ever been in love? When you try to compromise your belief after you talk to him. Like the way you believe about your religion. You used to have a great confuse about your own religion, then you talk to him and listen to his explanation about God. And you simply say “Yes” or “Agreed,” like you had found the true answer. You’re in love.

Have you ever been in love? When you act weird and all dumb. Like when you decided to love your weakness because you know he’s perfect on that field. You forget all of your ego to be the best and simply being dumbass, and hope that he will fix that. So he will give his time for you. You’re in love.

Have you ever been in love? Are you falling in love? When you smile while reading this. Are you falling in love? When his smile automatically popped on your mind while you read this. Are you in love?  When your heart simply wrote his name while you read this. Are you in love? When you know all the list I wrote is not enough to describe what you do when you feel that feeling. That’s good right? It’s like your life in someone’s hand, just him. He is everything. He is perfect. And you’ll wish he is your soulmate or true love or just simply the one who will spend the rest of his life with you, love you, and hug you right now. And you’ll say “I love you.”


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