Love Story About Venus and Jupiter


I’m watching out through windows and I just saw some stars waving their hands to me. hmm, I don’t know, they just being nice with saying “Hello Venus, have a great day,” or just want to forget all those weird situation that’s going on here. This whole solar system become kind of bored right now. It starts when the Sun become out of control and angry to the Earth just because the Earth do nothing to people who destroy him. The Earth thinks if he let people do whatever they wants, they won’t move to his copycat, Mars. Then Pluto just left because he can’t handle the fight of Sun and Earth. And Mars and the whole copycat thing, being like Earth, become the new place to live for people. Mars is so excited about that, but as the wiseman Neptune always and always tell Mars that it’s not a good thing. But you know Mars, he’s kind of stubborn. Mercury just can burn all the things and angry. And Saturn? Oh he just care about his beautiful appearance. Uranus is never awake from his coldness.

Oh you wonder about Jupiter? Ah, he is fine. Actually he is the one who change the most. And if you wondering about our love story, hmm.. I’m not really sure about that. He became weird and weirder nowadays. I can’t see his greatness anymore. I was fall in love with him because he is a sweet man. He did something unexpected, and I always thought he is the one, the love of my life.

But now? that great figure just gone. Nowhere. All I can see is he is not a man anymore, he became a boy, a childish stupid boy. He is no gentleman. I don’t know it’s whether me or him who change. But Neptune always tell me to stop reading someone. Maybe it’s the effects. Knowing something they never show, their good, bad, the greatness, the weakness, and something they hide. It’s not that Jupiter cheat on me, no. But I know all of his ‘weakness’ if I can say. We are totally in different place. I know we are still on the same solar system but we don’t have the same purpose of life anymore.

He doesn’t say that to me directly, I just read him. And I believe that’s true. Because we all awkward when we met. Like on few months ago, when we met on the west sky. He took the slow move, not like times ago. The Jupiter I know is someone who always get excited to meet me, The Venus. But that time? He is kind of avoid me with taking the long route to meet me. Okay when  we met, we are still talking all nights, giggling over his jokes, and shining all the time. And I hear about the girl who talking about us in the Earth, she said we are great together. Yeah, I love him.

But I don’t know. All things are change. He used to flirt with me all the time, he will start to wink at me and smile to me. And I will just give him the brightest light to blind him, then he will laughed. But now? when he try to flirt with me, I just smile back at him, then I pretend to make myself busy. And all I can remember about him is our last fight. We agree to take the new orbits so we can stay together longer, but after few months he told me that he should canceled about the whole adventure thing just because the Sun doesn’t allow him to do that. I said “Who the hell is The Sun? it’s not his relationship, or his journey. He’s a lone wolf, but we are getting together and need to make this work.” And he start to explain the whole complicated thing about crossing the wrong orbits and Armageddon. And I said, “We wouldn’t make that happen. We have the plan, we know what way we can walk together and the way that we should wait for each other to meet again. Our plan makes us together 10 days longer than the regular way. Jupiter, listen to me, don’t you wanna make it happens?” And he is just charmingly said, “I’m sorry Venus, honey. I’m afraid what Sun said is true.”

Oh God, I hate to know what’s going on my head that made me hate Jupiter more and more. God, stop it. I can’t forget about the drama too. It’s been a week since the Earth ask us to play some dramas to entertain his people. And again, Jupiter took the farthest position from me. not like when we went out, I used to always in Jupiter side. But now, I will tell you the position. Mercury, me, Saturn, Mars, and Jupiter. We got all the opportunity to see each other in the rare situation but we just can stare to each other from millions miles away. Great.

I think it’s not gonna be better, I think it could be worse. And maybe the worse is coming. I can see on my man’s eyes that somehow he still the one I love, but sometimes he’s a coward for me. He is the different man now. I see him in different way. I love him but I hate him too. And sometimes the hate feeling is stronger than the love. I used to be the one who always see him with my ‘love eyes,’ adore his weird riddles, laughing at his freaky jokes, and feel great to listen to his opinion about something. But now? when he talk to me it’s just it, it. Just talking, no more. His opinion is blah blah, and what I think when he is talking is “How can I shut this boring conversation off?”

But still, I love him. Hmm.. We will see, what will happen when we met on the next time. Will I try to forget about the journey and make it works like before? Or just simply break up with him. I don’t know. but whatever will happen, Jupiter is always the one who do something unexpected and made me fall in love with him. I love him. Ab tum hi ho. J


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