A Man Who Lives in Different Time Zone


The sun just set 5 minutes ago

The west sky is blushing, like me

I watch the sky, but my mind showing your face

Thinking, in the world you are standing now, you have not the sunset yet

Imagining you smile at the wind which brush your hair


Right now, in the different time zone

You still see the blue sky

Writing the tone of bird chirping

While here I see the owl start their day


The moon became the Queen while you still talking with Helios there

Selene hide her pale face at the back of the cloud

I’m sure that’s what I do when I meet you



What are you doing now?

Talking with your friends?

I will give you all of my time to listen to your voice

I can hear your laugh already, but blurred by night voice


What are you doing now?

Writing your poem?

I will never say ‘no’ to be your paper so you can look at me all the time

So I can see your beautiful eyes, lips, and smile every time



What are you doing now there?

In the different land and air, you take your breath

The man I love live million miles away from me

Unfortunately, the wind can’t send the sound of your heartbeat

And unfortunately, here, my heart beat faster when I think of you


A few moments ago I thought I lost my feeling for you

Got a death heart

But the world rang the bell when the sky is blushing

The wind was whispering your name

The stars wink at me

They pound my heart so hard

Make it beating again

All of beautiful memories about you came alive

Your eyes, laugh, smile, voice, and your annoyance figure

Bring my soul to life

Made me realize that I am still dumb because I’m still in love with you

A man who lives in different time zone

God bless you there


And somehow in the deepest place of my heart I believe I will saw your sky and you will see Selene from this land


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