I’m labor

I’m follower

I’m proletar

I’m brown

I’m black

I’m fat

I’m dwarf

I’m “exotic”

I’m women

I’m victim

I’m Asian

I’m African

I’m muslim

I’m less educated

I’m poor

I’m traditional

I’m crazy

I’m ‘geek’

I’m mean

I’m amoral

I’m asexual

I’m prisoner

I’m “Other”

I’m introvert

I’m mentally ill

I’m anti-social

I’m Easterner

I’m taboo


I’m not married

I’m not well mannered

I’m not iOs


I’m from village

I’m from “there”


I wear kippah

I wear hijab

I wear kebaya


I’m not normal

I’m not one of them, they call me the other

Society call me marginal

The world hides us from their “literature”

The paper felt cursed after our name written on it

They hide us or burn us

They kill us or make us prisoner


This is us

We are not “normal”

We are marginal


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