This monster is talking to you
From the last light of twilight until the early red of dawn
No sunlight
Just imaginative light of stars

I told you, no light!
But you can still see a shadow
Haunting you like crazy
Try to stab you with her invisible knife
She is not a reaper but yet she act like one
Black robe and a big dark scythe

She is there

She is everywhere
Hug you, touch you, hit you, killing you inside
Don’t you ever move
Or she will stab you and skin you

Listen to the night’s rhyme
She would whisper to your ear
Put a spell on you
Made you afraid and grow your fear
Don’t close your eyes or she will made you see her grin

Don’t run or she will bind you
Pull yourself together
Or she will tear you apart
Made your head hate your heart

Don’t taste her drama!
Or you will stay forever in hell
That’s not champagne
But devil’s blood

Don’t friend her!
Don’t take her hand!
You will think that’s a relieve
But it is not, and you will be forever in the dark

If you need to cry
But stay, until sun say hello
The monster will go after the light
The monster will change her skin
Became an angel
Full of smile, far from fear, and fragile like a broken glass

The angel has a monster inside
She is made by hell’s fire and the smell of heaven
A black wing and a white wing
The flawed angel
The Lucifer


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