Dear Little Brother


It’s been a month since my brother’s birthday. But I will write this for him anyway. Today when I watch him playing football with my dad I realize that my brother is getting old, day by day.

I still remember the smell of your first baby cologne
First time when I hold you on my arms as a little man
Crawling and I always take you to sleep in my room
You were that little man, my dear brother

I always tease you around and hide your little cars
So you will come to me and talk with your abstract language
Tickle you and see you laugh
Run and try to chase you because you hate shampoo
Playing with dirt and made mom mad at us
Walking through the farm and touch the walls of big building
I love you

I know I am an annoying sister when I start to hide TV’s remote
And change it to news channel while you watch cartoon
I know I am still an annoying one when I exchange your ice cream with mine
The flavor you hate

But you can be an annoying brother too
When you eat my cakes and left nothing for me, except spoon
When you always wonder who I text
When you won’t stop talking until I let you play games in my laptop

I love you
Although I will be all grumpy after you wake me up
I love you
Although I said I hate you after you try to read my text
I love you
Although you always teases me with my crush’s name in front of dad
I love you
I remember how I cried so hard because I can’t meet you for a month

Now when I see you
I hate this, I hate that you are grown up
I am afraid I won’t know you again
But I wish you will be a great man
Don’t you ever forget to your big annoying sister
Or I won’t let you watch The Avengers or reading Sherlock Holmes again
I love you, happy birthday, and please be a great man


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