A pair of eyes
Right and left
A women and a man
When she blinks, he blinks

Look like the same but just identic
They are different
Two identities in a person
But one reason for life
A pair of eyes

Two galaxies in a human head
A past and a future
Move along and became a present
Holding each other and became a laughter
Taste a same bitterness
Grow same tears

When he ills
She will try harder to capture the world
They love each other
They take care of each other
They are lovers

A pair of eyes
They are the reason of world’s desire
They are the painter of colours
Brown for soil
Blue for skies
Grey for cloud
Hazel for desert, and
Green for woods

A pair of eyes
They are so close but never see each other
Until they found the mirror
Then they know and smile

Brown and brown, blue and blue, grey and grey, green and green, hazel and hazel
The rare perfection of heterochromia

A pair of eyes
The reflection of human soul
A book of your story
A poem of your life
A lyric of your laugh
The beautiful tones of your cry

Let me see your eyes
Let me sneak out to your soul
Let me read your life
Then let me kill you inside


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