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I was looking at mirror, smiling
Then a devil come drag me into the grave
I dont know where I am
I am dead but alive

Then a devil come, whispering a name, Jupiter

He was a great ‘God’
Is he still a ‘God’?
I don’t know

Another voice distract me
“God or witch?”
What’s the difference?
“God’s voice or witchcraft?”
I dont know
I just know that I was poisoned
I just remember the grace, the gaze, and heart race

Then I cut my heart
Touch the blood
Just blood or poisoned blood?
I began to feel cold
My skin began to pale
As pale as Selene, or Venus?

I should back to the mirror
But I love being pale
I love the darkness here
Or I just love became The Venus?

I close my eyes
Let me lost
For awhile


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Hi, I'm me. Who am I? Read me. :P

9 thoughts on “Jupiter”

  1. Aku suka kak:’) kak, kalo kak firoh bikin buku, kasih tau aku ya? Aku bakal beli, aku penggemar karya2mu kak 😀

      1. Amin. Dia sempurna kak, dan aku punya daya apa buat bisa ngabahagiain makhluk sesempurna dia. Amin kak btw, makasih doanya. Kak, add line baru aku dong; akukoba

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