I like to feel high
I like to taste the drugs
And I begin my journey with alcohol
Beer, whisky, and my favorite one, tequila
It’s just perfect!
You can sing along all day
You can smile every minute
But then I saw the mess when I woke up
My vomits and dirty clothes

I should stop
Then all of sudden I quit
I quit, I feel good, and..
It begins with Marijuana, my addiction
Enter my body through smoke
Makes everything looks so easy
Better than beer I got from Joe’s

Then I quit
Cold, hurt, and preoccupied
I don’t wanna smoke pot again
But I am on my addiction
It destroy my lungs
It control my body
Give me that!
I should quit, I won’t touch marijuana again

I am healed, because now I hold meth
Yes I am healed from Ganja
With some help from meth
A beautiful and wonderful crystal
You can actually dance in front of your president with it
Blow your mind
But then I feel cold again, but not too close to death
I should stop

Once again, I am healed
I don’t touch meth anymore
I am cleaned from meth
But now heroin enter my blood
The best taste I have ever know
You will actually become whoever you want
You can do whatever you want
Taste the magic
Touch the sun
Dancing in top of mountain
Killing your God
Be your own God

I am broke
I am sick
I should stop
I saw my heroine
And I know it is my hero
A truly one

It is the top of my addiction
There is just one way to stop it
Not killing God and be God
But let heroin enter your blood
Control your mind
Destroy your brain
Poisoning you
And make you meet God

This is the end of my addiction
Finally, they set me free




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