Peace (?)

Omar Daqneesh, syrian victim.mp4_000026427

There come a time when we are all cannibal

We eat each other with our war

We kill each other through war

We slaughter our brother in war

We are the one who call the war


We should not proud of being a human

God used to call us as the most perfect one

But we should call ourself as the flawed one

We are deaf, we are blind, we are numb

We said no to Darwin for calling us animals

But yet we are animals


We said we are one

One world, one family, one love


Some of us played lion

And the rest have no choice than become deer


Where is humanity?

Is it the purpose of our life?

To kill each other?

To dance on our family’s blood?

To sing with children’s cries?

To play as the top of food chain?


Why we call it diplomatic when at the end of the day, war still the choices

We don’t need diplomatic

We don’t need a bunch of human in good suit to talk peace

We don’t need tank to keep us alive

We don’t need soldier to take care of us


We need love

Although we are not Paris

We need hug

Although we are not America

We need smile

Although we are not Germany


Don’t wait too long

Don’t give us hope again

Hope to some human in good suit

It’s not a hope

They bring themselves to big hall

With big tables and good food

And believe me

They already prepare their war strategy


You said it is for peace?

What is peace when you drink their blood?

What is peace when you act like God?

Omar Daqneesh, innocentlyOmar Daqneesh, syrian victim.mp4_000033453Omar Daqneesh, 5 years old. He saw his blood in hand innocently after he wipe his wound.

Note :

I write this because I saw Omran Daqneesh in media, a 5 years old boy from Syria. His video becomes viral and media call him as the face of Syrian war. Honestly, I cried when I watch AMC video when people rescue his family and him. He was in the bad condition, covered by ash and blood. And what made me amazed is he is not crying, he is just keep silent and sit in the back of ambulance, touching his wound and blood. Then he saw that innocently. Oh my God, why? Why an innocent child who should take this pain. And he is not just alone, he has two siblings arrived in the similar condition a few minutes after, then a man who is his father I think and people rescue a dead body after that.

This is war, I never believe there is positive benefit of war. I think people should begin to think that war is not a solution. They say it war for peace, war for freedom. But this is not peace at all when they should sacrifice billions of life. This is not freedom at all when they sleep with their weapons. War is not the symbol of caring, but slaughtering.

War is the worst solution, war is the ‘legal form’ to kill people, innocent people, civilian. War is not symbol of human being. We don’t get peace from war, we will never get peace from war. Peace is not about kill each other and become a winner, peace is about love each other although we are from different races, religions, countries, and ideologies.

God bless us!


Full video of Omran Daqneesh’s rescue :


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