A Bride in Black

A Bride in black

I am sitting here, in front of plain of paper
Bury all of the lights and the stars
Ready for the next funeral
Begin to made some sacrifices
Walking into hell all by myself

Who am I?
It is not myself if I am not loving irony
What will the world will call me?
If I am not living with my tears

I am the bride without her groom
I am the bride in black
I wait for a wedding
But death comes first
I am a widow before a vow

It is all black
As black as my soul
Darker than coals

Just few minutes ago I taste his lips
Just few second ago I touch his hips
Just a moment ago we promise to marry in his ship
But that moment is just like an eclipse

A reaper came for him
And an end came for me

I am not gonna tell any good love story
Because I don’t have one
We have lived by distance
And we are dead because of distance

I saw his eyes in the night
I catch his glance in the dark
I found his love in the tiny dew
And suddenly he wanted me to become his bride

A bride in black
Who have makeup with tears
Who wear black dress not white dress
Who hasn’t full of joy but full of mourn
Who isn’t marry a man but a corpse
Who wear a ring of nothing

I don’t give a damn to any of it
I don’t put any attention to a fragile heart
I am a bride in a black
My heart dies along with my groom
He carried my heart not a bucket of flowers

I will always be on his side
I don’t care about the rain
I will not open my eyes for the sun
I will sleep beside his grave
Because I am his bride in black




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