One Night Stand


It is not about sex
But the moment after
When two pair of eyes wonder of each other
Not straight to sleep
But try to sink to another deep of desert

He was no one
He was a man from the bar
I don’t know him
And I am a girl, who embrace the midnight at that time

Then a moment later
His lips already on mine
I taste bourbon when he tried to slip his tongue
“Tequila” he smile at me and stop the kiss
“You taste like tequila”

It is not about the moment when our body wanted each other
But it is about my eyes who tried to enter his soul after
But it is about his eyes who wonder about the girl who embrace the midnight
But it is about his voice in his mind which silently mocked the time
“God, please let me be here for a little longer”

Now, the night fill my souls
I am not a half devil
But I am the devil itself
All of my wings became black since I taste his lips

I don’t wanna tell about happy ending
Because I don’t need one
I let myself drowning into his eyes
I let my body become his ecstasy
But it is just it

He smile at me
Touching my cheeks
And I exactly know what he thinks
But it is not about his mind
It is about my mind
“I betrayed my man”



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