People know her
A girl in white dress with two white wings
And a Halo on her head
Who is she?
Whatever you will call her, no one call her devil

People love angels
Their white heart
And their love hugs
Warm smile
Flawless skin
Wise words and gentle touch
People will come for her
People love her
But is she an angel?
She got all of that
And a mirror

She loves her mirror
She can stand all day in front of it
Watching herself
Dress in black
Two black wings
And dark look
With skin full of tattoos
And will to kill, not hug

Because her mirror give her knife not love
Because that shadow has no heart
That shadow is a beast who kill heart, even her own heart
No one will like the shadow
Everyone would love to see the death of the shadow
But not for her

She starts to leave the heaven
Round around in hell
Shaking hand with sins
Drink the blood
And making out with devils
Burn her own skin and got the tattoos

She loves the smell of hell
She adores the art of kill
She whisper lies
And she plays with her poisonous tongue
Like a snake

She is back to heaven
Not to be white again
But to spread the black, to fill it with darkness
Beautiful but poisonous, like Calla

She is ready to make a second hell
And let the shadow alive



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Hi, I'm me. Who am I? Read me. :P

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