If I have an ability to bring out characters from something I read. I would love to read our old book. Read it out loud with all of my love and smile.

Being surprised when a wonderful man suddenly appeared in front of me, smile at me, and I will smile back at you. I would not let you back to unreal world again and being something I could read, just verbally. When you popped out because of my magic spell, I would not let you become shadow again, so close but I couldn’t touch. When finally I can feel your breath on my neck, I would not let you back to the book, and become words. When finally I can kiss you on your lips, I wish I will strong enough to show you my flaws and you still want to hug me after.

Hmm.. I am daydreaming again. I am not Meggie Folchart and this is not Inkheart. This is the Earth. Oh sucks.

*But Mycroft Holmes or Sherlock Holmes? Ah, I close my book and bury my head on a pillow*



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Hi, I'm me. Who am I? Read me. :P

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