Miranda Priestly

9“I wanna be Miranda Priestly!!” That’s what I said after I watched The Devil Wears Prada. Yeah, that’s old movie, and I have it like for months in my laptop but I just watched this afternoon. I am impressed by Miranda Priestly’s personality. She is so great, she got a big power in fashion, dominant, so confident, beautiful, never show that she has a heart (professional), a bully, but badass! Oh I like that!


I don’t wanna be exactly like her, because I don’t know nothing about fashion. But that would be great if I have her personality (God, please). Instead of become an editor in chief at some fashion magazine, I would love to become editor in chief at Washington Post, or CNN, or Al-Jazeera. Oh my God! What a dream. Lol.

Well, enough about me. Let’s talk about Miranda Priestly. Despite of the devil character they put on her, for me she is the representation of strong women. We can see that from some perspective, bad or good. But I will write it anyway.

This movie succeed bring the strong character of Miranda Priestly. As an editor in chief, she got all the power. She can get whatever she want, not for bad things but good things. She has a large links of designer, models, photographers, editors, and writers  to make her magazine great, number one in USA. The character has great leadership too. She is a women, but she can lead the best fashion magazine, make everyone kneel for her.


Yeah, maybe some of readers think that it’s just an ordinary thing, because it is fashion magazine, it belongs for women, women loves it. But duh! Nope. Not just women who loves fashion, but men too. And fashion nowadays is something important for everyone, either women or men. So it is a big deal to watch a women can lead the biggest fashion magazine, with all the power and stuff.

What I like the most is, she can easily say NO. Oh my God, I want that power!!!



The bad thing I found is they like to call Miranda Priestly as somekind of witch. I read some journals that it’s a regular thing for media to refer women’s character as witch, or devil. That’s why a lot of media content use women as a witch (like in Scooby doo, Snow White, so on). They like to describe women as witch, wicked (stepmother), sexual object, and unable to use their brain “properly.” Well, that’s how we knows that gender equality is still a shadow, for now.

Back to Miranda Priestly, we know that she is a great editor in chief, but everything has its price and she should pay it. Opposite from her career, she has a bad marriage. She just has a little time for her husband and kids, and she was facing her second divorce. Everything has risks, but that is life she chose. She chose her work, she chose to live for it, so she become the best on it. Although she must sacrifice her family for it. It is like what Nigel said to Andy when she is mumbling about her personal life being in thread because of her work. This is what Nigel said to her :

“Well, join the club. That happens when you start doing well at work, darling. Let me know when your whole life goes up in smoke. That means it’s time for a promotion.”  -Nigel-

An unemployed should not say this but I want to say this, I don’t care. I think that would be great if someone, including women, especially women to choose their own path. Although they should sacrifice anything for it. It’s like when someone wanna get a Pulitzer Prize, they should make a room for that prize and that mean they should get rid of another thing’s room for the Pulitzer Prize, like get rid of husband’s room, or kids room. Change the label from “Husband’s room” into “Pulitzer Prize” or “Noble Prize” or “Academy Awards” or “Grammy Awards” or “Tony Awards” ‘s room. Everything has its own price, and we should pay for it like The Great Miranda Priestly did. Build your own room! Good luck!!



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